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01-09-2001, 05:59 AM
Hi folks, I'm looking for ideas..... My brother (him again) has presented me with a pc that has no working dns; TCP/IP is installed - it is linked to the dial up adapter - the modem is working, dun is installed - This all results in the modem calling various isp's, negotiation is sucessfull, an ip address is assigned and that's it. No dns is available, no ping to {hostname}. The winsock from the cd has the correct date on it. I have removed and reinstalled all the the above in an attempt to kick something loose. - no joy.


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Paleo Pete
01-09-2001, 11:04 AM
First open the Network icon in Control Panel and check the primary logon type. Usually either Windows Logon or Microsoft Family Logon should work. Also in the Network section, highlight the Dial Up Adapter and click Properties, see if the DNS adress is set correctly, a call to the ISP might be in order to see how they need it set so it will work.

If all else fails, boot into Safe Mode and remove all modems listed in Device Manager, reboot and let Windows reinstall the modem. If it's a winmodem, HSF or HCF you'll have to install it from the setup or install program included in the drivers, not through the add hardware wizard.

Check back with us and see if anyone else has any good ideas. I'd bet they will, we have some great folks helping out here.

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01-09-2001, 03:11 PM
to obtain dns you have to have a static ip address an address that is hosted by someone for you forinstance cablevision etc. right now i believe all you have is a reserve ip address for a private network for a work group and not a domain I think im close anyway maybe someone else can elaborate

01-10-2001, 05:49 AM
Folks, thanks for the feedback - unfortunatly none of the above. Jangolion - just to clarify; you don't need a static ip, just a known ip as assigned by dhcp (remember - I was getting this...). Most of the isp's in the UK use this. Once you have a dotted quad you're rolling (so why wasn't I??). How did I fix it you are asking yourselves? I uninstalled win98se - removed some software - I'll come back to this - and a dodgy looking winsock .dll. Upgraded again, added vpn to force the dialup adapter to link to tcp/ip, cleard out some garbage that MS had added as a modem string and all was sweetness and light! The software that I removed? - It was adsoff. I suspect that what had happened was that this progran acts as a proxy and when working with a different winsock filtered everything instead of just the ads it was supposed to. The different winsock being the change from win95 to win98.

thanks for your time


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