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01-30-2001, 07:29 PM
I use Outlook Express 5 to send emails. I sometimes place graphics such as animated names or smiley faces with the text. I have found that some email services such as Yahoo Mail cannot accept the graphics 'as is' and put a graphics placeholder where the graphic should be. The graphics are thrown into the Attachment bin and can be viewed but the effect is certainly not the same. I believe that AOL does something similar or the graphic just appears as gibberish on screen. Is there any way around this? With AOL can I convert the graphic to another type that AOL won't choke on? How about Yahoo Mail- is there any work around there? It is frustrating to have sent several emails to various people and then to find that they have not seen what you have sent. The words without the graphics is just not the same message.

01-30-2001, 08:35 PM
Unfortunately that is one of the problems with some of the larger email concerns. They say "safety" or "speed" or things like that as to why they do it. The only surfire way I've found not to have those kinds of problems is to have both the sender and the recipient to have fully enabled email, usually by a smaller ISP. Finding a different format for the graphics is only a temporary fix, at best, because the provider will eventually add that format to its list. At worst, on some of the freemail, accounts loss of user privileges, because they say that they can pretty much do what they wish with your mail and that's that (add ads, or stuff like that, limit size, attatchments.....).

My sister uses AOL I can't send her a greeting card created on my computer at home(using American Greetings software) but I can go to American Greetings site, make one there and she'll be able to view as intended, so they also use filters to allow certain sites and not others to send graphics.

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02-04-2001, 03:49 PM
AOL is such a terrible farce, when it comes to value and service. I would not install it on my pc if it was FREE.

Most of my friends that r unfortunate enuff to have it, maintain other email accounts in order to be able to view and send mail like the rest of the world. People actually pay for this BS is beyond me.

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