View Full Version : can't launch & can't reboot

chucky cheeze
03-11-2001, 06:00 PM
hi, I help bad ,this prolem just started about 2 weeks ago..I did'nt do anything out of the ordinary lately ....I have win.98se 128 ram 13 gig 450 mhz int.exp.5.5....The problem is after i go away from my pc for maybe 6 hours when I came back to it the icon look different [the text is cut off]
and none of them will launch when i double click on them...So then when I try to reboot and I click on start button a blue verticle scroll size bar leaps straight up from the start button ..
I dont have a screen saver I only got my anti virus and my internet and power profile in ms config ...everything else is unchecked
when I start up after rebooting my resources are 92%when the problem occurs its 81%....whats going on ???? Thanks

03-11-2001, 06:13 PM
Check to see if you have Advanced Power Managemnet enabled in the Control Panel and in the BIOS settings. IMO if I were to leave my pc for six hours and not have it doing anything I would shut it down. I don't believe heat is a problem in your case unless your cooling fan is inoperatvie. I thought maybe a power supply problem, but that should show up earlier during use and boot up. I don't use the power management at all.