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04-16-2001, 04:27 PM
I had mcafee virus scan installed, i then tried to uninstall it and it locked up, so i rebooted and tried to uninstall it again, but it says another program is interfering with it. So i tried to "modify" it with its repair utility, same error. So i deleted the folder and removed all traces of nything mcafee related from the registry. and tried to remove it, same error. so i tried to install from file i had downloaded, same error. and when i start windows it says i am missing a file call "vshinit.vxd" which i cant find in any system or win ini files. aaarrrrggghhhh.

Also i have the game Heroes Of Might And Magic 3; all addons, and it refuses to save the game, only once in a while does it save. ive updated it but still same problem. also does same thing in Pax Imperia.

Any help would be appreciated. thank-you

AMD Thunderbird 950
A7V 133-266 fsb
128 pc-133
40.6 gig
gts geforce 2 32mb
sbl value

04-17-2001, 01:30 AM
#1) you can't uninstall it while its running- that was your first and worse mistake.

go to start, run- type msconfig go to "Start Up" TAB UNcheck ALL mcafee lines. Re-Boot.

then you can uninstall it, as you have it now I'm not sure, you may- need to reinstall it in order to correctly uninstall.

edit- do THIS FIRST- reboot to command prompt only type at the prompt: regedit_/restore

with the (_) underscore respresenting a s_pace.

you will be presented with a list of registry dates. Choose one prior- to when you tried to incorrectly uninstall mcafee and then uninstall it as described above.

this should fix you up http://www.PCGuide.com/ubb/smile.gif

*another 'toaster' bites the dust*

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