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05-16-2001, 05:35 PM
A friend has been "fiddling" with his 2000 Pro PC. He has admin privileges (unfortunately). His dial-up connection has stopped working (modem does not dial at all after the "opening port" message). The modem *will* send a fax successfully and queries OK in Modem Properties.
I can not see any reference to a dial-up adapter: should one be there? (All my Win2K machines are DSL). TCP/IP settings look OK but, as I say, it's not even dialing so they're kind of irrelevant.

What can I do to get the machine dialing up again?

Thanks for any tips.

05-18-2001, 11:06 AM
First go to "phone and modem" in control panel and check the "modems" page.
How many modems does he have installed (listed)? What com ports are they using?

Now open "network and dialup connections" in control panel. Open the dialup profile and on the "properties" page make sure the correct modem is listed at the top. If Not delete this profile and rebuild it using the correct modem.

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