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the novice_1
09-26-2001, 04:44 PM
hello everyone,
i'm a first time user of your site.

i'm running win98 se
aol is my isp, i have ie5 as an alternative browser.
The problem is this:- when i am browsing the net, i keep getting a large blue pane with the words...."do you want to keep running scripts on this page y/n." i have to click yes at least 6 times before it disappears, and i can acess the web page. To stop this happening i turned off java script in ie5 security tab, but having done that i cannot acess certain sites like "hotmail" which use java.
this is only a recent thing as i had to re-install aol6.0 (which, incidentally cured another problem). is ie5 incompatible with aol 6.0, or have i forgot to check or uncheck something in ie5 security?.

please try and keep your solution easy to understand as i am a novice at this sort of thing.

thank you in inticipation.


09-26-2001, 05:13 PM
Try this site, might help you a little bit better.

Sledgehammer will save the day!