View Full Version : Conflict between PowerDVD and Norton Systemworks?

09-29-2001, 07:52 AM
I mentioned this in another forum where I was discussing a separate teething problem with my newly-rebuilt system, but this seems like a good place to go into further detail. PowerDVD, the DVD-playback software that is bundled with most DVD-ROM players these days, and Norton Systemworks 2001, specifically Norton System Doctor, don't seem to get on well.

My system:

Win98 SE
Duron 800
ECS K7VZA mainboard with onboard sound
512 MB PC133
nVidia TNT2 M64 AGP 32MB
IBM 3.2 GB primary
Seagate 13 GB secondary
BDV-212B 12x DVD/40x CD-ROM (not sure of the manufacturer, I've seen people refer to this as a BTC drive but it says on the case it was put together by some PRC outfit called Top Glory)

Anyway, what happens when both Norton System Doctor and PowerDVD are running is that the controls (keyboard and mouse) on PowerDVD stop working after a few minutes, and I have to resort to the three-finger salute to close the misbehaving program. Closing NSD and just running PowerDVD works OK, so I suspect it's a classic, "well, then, don't _do_ that!" case.

I'm curious, though; is there another DVD player application downloadable from somewhere that people can recommend that will work better when NSD is running? And does NSW have a patch available that might ameliorate this problem?


09-29-2001, 10:11 AM
I would contact the Video card maker and see what they have available.
I use the dvd player from my video card maker (Matrox) Not the one from the drive maker.

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