View Full Version : Attachments, Avatars and Custom User Titles

Charles Kozierok
07-01-2002, 01:19 PM
The problem with attachments and avatars not working has been resolved. They should work now. The maximum file size for attachments is 20,000 bytes. I will increase this if it turns out to be unmanageably small but I don't want to load up the server.

Avatars are custom little pictures like the one I have of Evan. They are enabled for all who reach Grand Master Geek status, a perk of sorts. :) To add one, find the button in your user cp under Edit Options. PLEASE no obnoxious animated GIFs, everyone has to look at your avatar. :)

At the Master Geek level (512) you have the ability to change your title to something custom. You can do this in the CP under Edit Profile.