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07-12-2002, 10:16 AM
Hello everyone. Here's a pretty dumb question :-) There's a spot at the back of my computer case to install an 80MM fan but I can't put the fan in becuz the 4 screws that came with the fan just kinda go through the holes of the fan and case loosely. No way to tighten them. How would I mount it back there? I noticed that my old computer had some sort of bracket type thing that screwed into the case and then the fan went into the bracket. Do I need to use one of those things??

Also, what if the fan u have is too big or too small for the spot at the back of the case? Can you just use some sort of adhesive?


07-12-2002, 10:35 AM
All you need to do is to change the screws. Get fours new bolts long enought to pass thru fan and case holes and secure the fam with nuts.

I wouldn`t use adhesive tape. The rotational force of the fan would slowly detach the fan and falling would damage something in the case.

The fan must fit the size of the holes if you are going to use nuts and bolts (no 60mm fan for 80mm holes and in decent cases the back fan is always at least 80mm).

Regarding the little enclosure for the fan, yes you can use it in place of nuts and bolts but only if you can snap it on the case (there are openings for it on your case along the line connecting the four screw holes. you should see 2 big or four little rectangular openings and there is where you can snap in the fan`s case.