View Full Version : So many places to go and so many tests to take

07-15-2002, 02:39 PM
Hey there. Recently enrolled in a local community IT college here in central Iowa. I'm currently taking classes to help me with the A+ exams and later on the OS and N+ exams. I know I could study by myself but I need the classes for my Assosciates of applied Science with major in web page design/networking/programming. I'm just wondering what are the major cert.s i should go out and get to become a good IT professional. And also what are the best books to study. Now in my class we have the mike meyers book (forgot the official name) but what about the other classes?

07-15-2002, 09:17 PM
First off, Congrat's to your presumed course of study! Hope you succeed!


next, i would suggest you concentrate on the basic's, like A+ Network+ iNET+ Cisco and Linux

Linux simply becuase, even in today's prolific MS world, it's fast becoming apparent that the old trusty Unix OS is still not only alive and kicking, but much sought after, especially the free GNU liscense.

I find it interesting that even with my years of experiance in the IT admin world, and being MSCE/etc.. certified, i have more inquiries concernig my Linux certification and experiance with Unix than i do with MS products.

Unfortunately the market place is fast becoming saturated with MS " professionals ", and employers are looking not just at impressive sounding degrees/certs anymore, but also at years of experiance on the job as well as using products like Linux ( Unix ).

07-20-2002, 03:31 AM
I've just started my A+ journey although it will take me awhile. Don't really NEED to have it for work but I want to get A+ and Network+ to round out the resume and make myself "more hirable" in the future. Plus its some great stuff to learn and know. One of the reasons the workplace is becomming saturated with MS Pro's is that so many people out of work have the certs. Three years ago you could get a job with just the certs, no biggie. Now they want expierance 'cause many companies now realize they have to actually run their company well in order to survive, its not the age of "your a dotcom so here is 200 million in funding" anymore.