View Full Version : Cant access the net after installing n/work card?.

07-22-2002, 05:02 AM
I have tried this dozens of times and I am sure I am not making any mistakes.

Me and my m8 installed C/Net 10/100 Network cards into our systems to play Halflife over LAN.

It works fine,but I ALWAYS find that after installing the cards that I cannot connect to the internet at all.

I am using AOL 6 and I even tried uninstalling AOL and reinstalling AOL again to cure it but it still wont let me connect to the net.

Even after removing the network cards and then reinstalling AOL I still cannot connect to the net.

I end up having to reformat my Hard drive everytime I try and network with the cards and its beginning to get a little annoying now to say the least......!!!!.

I think something is getting mucked up in the Network settings in Control panel but for the life of me I cannot see what.........it is so annoying and really this should not be happening.AOL tech help are no use whatsoever........they dont seem to know what i am talking about.

My system is as follows:-

AMD Athlon 1600XP.
GeForce 3 Ti500.
40Gb Maxtor 7200 HD.
384Mb SDRAM.
Genius PCI Modem.
C/Net 10/100 Network card.

Please can someone tell me where I am going wrong as this is driving me nutz.
My mate has NO problems when he connects to the net,albeit he is not on AOL but using Freeserve........

07-22-2002, 07:36 AM
My suspicion is that your NIC and Modem are probably "duking it out" and your NIC has KO'd your Modem! I'm assuming that you've had to install driver support for your NIC and it could be the drivers are in the "ring" possibly ganging up on the poor Modem! :(

It could be a couple of things. One, the placement of the NIC on your Motherboard might be conflicting. Although PCI devices are designed to share IRQs, some really cannot do so effectively. Some PCI slots are designed to hardware share IRQs on most Motherboards. If you've a manual for your Motherboard you might want to check and see if there's something like an Interrupt Request Table that will show you which slots are hardware sharing.

Two, it's possible that there is a known driver conflict between your Modem and NIC. You would want to check the sites of either opponent...it might be in the FAQs.

Before formatting and reinstalling, you might want to try SAFEMODE and REMOVE all instances of the NIC (after powering down and physically removing the NIC card). Reboot and see if that finally puts the NIC down for the count! ;)

07-22-2002, 01:27 PM
Do you get any error messages? If you do post one of them.

07-23-2002, 04:53 AM
I dont get any error messages as such.....

What happens is I boot up,click on the AOL 6 icon and it takes me to the log-in screen.
I click on connect and it dials the nymber,goes thru all the motions until it gets to "Talking to AOL" which is the final AOL connection stage apart from checking password.......but it simply hangs there and then a white error message box appears at the top left of the screen with absoloutely nothing in it at all.
It then says "reconnecting" and starts re-dialling........this repeats over and over again......it never manages to connect.

I have tried talking to the AOL tech support staff.....and to be fair to them,they did try and help,but after being told 4 completely different methods of how exactly to solve this problem,I lost faith in them and decided to ask some people who actually know what they are talking about........you guys.....!!!!.

I`m sure it is something in Network properties but what I cant understand is why it doesnt work when I reset everything in Network properties back to what it was before the network card was installed and even uninstalling AOL and reinstalling it ,which should return to default settings doesnt work?.Its just plain ridiculous and I`m beginning to think my PC hates me.......lol.......!!.

07-23-2002, 11:11 AM
AOL has a bunch of DLLs that it dumps on your system, they are proably beinig overwritten by the process of installing your NIC and it's drivers. Reinstalling AOL's software doesn't correct the problem because it doesn't "feel" it needs to replace certain files.

The problem child is proably the winsock.dll file.I would do a search for winsock.dll on your hard drive. Then rename or move any files with that name to a safe location.(make sure you note what they where called or their location before you start changing things) Once that is done go ahead and reinstall AOL's software ,it should now replace the winsock.dll file with it's own. Then try your AOL connection and see what happens.

At that point, if all works, you could then try your LAN connection to see if it works with AOL's files too. If it does great, if not, you'll proably have to switch DLL files as you move fron one connection to another. (or call AOL and find out if they can recommend something.) But I belive your LAN connection will have no problem with AOL's files.

Or ,if worst comes to worst, reinstall Windows ,then your nic card, and then install your AOL connection last. (a pain in the rear but it will assure that the correct dlls are updated/installed.)

Good Luck :)

07-23-2002, 11:22 AM
I`ll give that a go..........thanx........

A funny thing just happened this morning tho` which looks like it may well be related to this problem in a roundabout way.

I updated from W98 to 98SE and when I restarted my PC it did EXACTLY the same with my net connection as the Network card does.....thats gotta be related hasnt it?.

I luckily had the option of reverting back to my old O/S of plain old W98 and lo and behold....!!.......Net connection was back to normal......!!!!.

Any ideas?.

07-23-2002, 11:34 AM
Yes, your right they are related.

The AOL connection has to be installed last. If you upgrade your OS or install a new network card, then AOL's system files are overwritten. Which causes the AOL connection to fail. When you reverted back to 98 the old dll files where restored and the AOL connection worked again.

Before upgrading or install new cards, you should first uninstall AOL. Then after you've done the install or upgrade, reinstall AOL.

07-23-2002, 12:34 PM
Ghost_Hacker.........thanx a million times over for that info.

Out of all the folks on AOL tech help not ONE of them has pointed that out to me......if I knew that,I wouldnt have had half as much trouble as I have done!!!.

So install Network card first,then AOL......ok.......I`ll give that a go......but does that mean I`ll need to do this after a clean install of windows or can i simply uninstall AOL and install my Network card and drivers and then reinstall AOL on my existing set up?.

Sorry for more questions but i dont cherish the thought of another reformat.......my HD is getting fed-up with it.......lol.......!!!.

07-23-2002, 03:50 PM
I would try to uninstall AOL first,install the network card, and then reinstall AOL. (this should work if the AOL connection is working now.)

If AOL isn't working now. I would still give it a shot, but you might end up reinstall Windows anyway.

Hopefully, we've hit it on the head and your AOL connection will be up and running with a network card.

Good Luck :)

07-23-2002, 05:38 PM
One additional item is an issue I've encountered if you're running ZoneAlarm. And, perhaps Ghost or someone would be able to advise on the proper setting in ZA.

I noticed after I replaced the HDD and reloaded all software, including AOL, that it would hang and then redial. It was taking me two trys to get connected. I had to reduce the security setting to medium to connect on the first attempt. This is with my OS WinMe and also my Father who's running Win98Se.