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07-27-2002, 06:50 PM
At present, my house is being renovated, flooring, concealed wiring and stuff.

I have a question. What kind of conncector is required to access internet thru fibre optic cable ? I mean, does the fibre optic cable go directly into a special kind of modem or can we plug it in LAN card thru some fibre optic connector-to-lan card connector(RJ something) ?

I am asking this, coz i was thinking of making 3 access points, all connected internally thru the UTP cable which at present goes into my LAN card, so that i can access internet from any room. The problem is, currently i have 24x7 internet connection (cable net thru LAN card), but next year i may subscribe to one with fibre optic. Then, would the access points be of any use coz they are of UTP cable.

and yes, whats the max data transfer speed of my UTP cable ... these things are printed on it.

RIT R3729120 UTP cable
100 Ohm
4x2x24AWG UTP ETL verified data cable
91189 METER 57027/030010

plz reply as early as possible, as the electrician is gonna start work tommorow.TIA.

07-27-2002, 10:57 PM
There is new UTP cable which I believe is capable of 1 gig per second. I'd have your contractor or whoever is doing the work set that up sooner rather than later.

Fiber optic sounds quite nice indeed! I assume that'll go into whatever modem you'll get and then branch out to UTP from there.

07-28-2002, 02:36 AM
Category 5 cable is for upto 100mbps. You can download at speed of upto 1.5mbps from your existing cable company and they suggest network card and cabling on 10mbps. If you want to get Fiber optic from your ISP, what is your internal network going to be? Are you going to change them to 1gig and what kind of cable is going to be inside your house? something to think about!

PS* if you are going to connect your internal network to the internet then you need to get a router which would have all kind of connections to choose from.

07-28-2002, 03:48 AM
thanks both.

Purchasing router and other hardware at this point of time will burn a hole in my pocket ... rather, my dad's pocket ;)

At present, i am the only person in my house to access internet. May be in few months time all the family members will be 'hooked' to net. I hope that doesn't happen, coz that would mean sharing my computer :( :D

I am really confused about the internal wiring coz of the different kinds of cables. I have decided i will keep a provision in all the wall sockets, so that in future, if i ever decide to internally link my network, hopefully, i wont have cables hanging all around the house.

...and maybe wireless LAN would also get cheaper few years hence.