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08-11-2002, 03:15 AM
I have a Netware network with 20 5.1 server on the same NDS. Everything work fine 'till last week. I've got to install a Netware 6 server for test purpose on a separate NDS but on the same subnet. Everything work fine on friday but on monday morning every station on the network can only see the NDS of the NW 6 test server. The station under NT or W2K can log but does'nt see the old tree. For the W9x station (about 80% of station) can't logging and can't see the old tree. On the server console, I've got lots of claims but every server are on the proper subnet. I check with the network guys and they confirm that the switch are properly configure and no change was made in the week-end.
one more thing in my case is my 2 servers r displaying some error message like
8-11-2002 11:25:33 am: ipxspx-5.3-145 [nmid=5001a]
router configuration error detected
node 000021229b49(myservername_lsnr)cliams network address should be ca65e7ce
plz provide solution for this

08-12-2002, 11:06 AM
node 000021229b49(myservername_lsnr)cliams network address should be ca65e7ce

This error just means that you have assigned your Netware 6 server a different network number than is being used by the Netware 5 servers. I wouldn't worry about this if this is what you intended.

For your other problem are you using the "prefered server" option on your Netware clients?

I don't recall if the new Netware servers have the option to disable replies to "get nearest server" request from clients, but you might want to look into setting that option.

Try these simply steps first and post back if they don't work or you have already tried them.

Good Luck :)