View Full Version : Help Please!! Locks Up!!!

08-12-2002, 09:02 AM
OK out of nowhere my 1 year old machine starts locking up. No specific patern and no newly installed software. I format hard drive reinstall WIN 98 SE....happens again. Tried different RAM, NIC Card and tried it with just WIN 98SE and basic drivers installed and same thing. Out of nowhere it just locks up. When it locks up CTL+ALT+DELETE doesnt even work. I have an infrared mouse and when it locks up the infrared light gets very dim. Right after it locks up and I restart I have never seen the CPU temp above 130F. Case has 3 Fans in it plus the fan on the CPU. I really dont think its overheating at all! Power supply? Hard Drive? Please give some help if able!

My Machine..

Maxtor 80GB 7200 RPM HD
ASUS GeForce2 mx/400 Video Card
Linksys NIC Card
SB Live Gamer Sound card

BTW..I dont get any error messages just a locked up machine with a dim mouse light, non functioning keyboard and no hard drive light on....

08-12-2002, 04:57 PM
Were you able to complete the Windows 98 SE install or does it lock up part way through?

08-12-2002, 09:23 PM
Completed and went fine. Im starting to think my problems may have been my Intellimouse. I have a regular PS2 mouse on it now and so far so good. Has anyone ever heard of a mouse going bad and locking up the computer like that?

08-28-2002, 12:24 AM
Hey radamus.

I have a Logitech optical mouse and have never had that problem you describe...dont think ive ever seen the mouse light dim :/
If you have checked website for your mouse and there is nothing else on the mouse light diming... it could be related to a underpowered PSU but I couldnt be sure.
Now I think you could rule out a OS problem as youve reinstalled the OS and are still getting the same problem. Are you trying different drivers to the ones you have? try running it with only the VGA card in(leave the sound card and NIC out)

What mouse drivers did you have installed with the Intellimouse if any?
If you had some installed and removed them when you installed the PS2 mouse try updating the mouse driver, or if you didnt have any mouse drivers installed try running the optical mouse with the latest drivers.

Also have you added any new hardware or those 3 case fans in the last year, could be draining your PSU.. and under powered PSU's are common causes of system instability.
Are those 'proper' case fans or old PSU fans that youve connected to a 2 pin connector?
I did that and found that the amps those old PSU fans were drawing was more than the amps my PSU could put out..... so check how many amps your PSU can put out and make sure you fans are lower/equal to that.

To make sure its not overheating run it without one/both side panels on and point a normal household fan at the mobo.

Hope this helps