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08-26-2002, 05:43 AM
OK i have windows XP and want to run a webpage, i m clueless, my friend told me this and that, and got some of it but not all.

I have Frontpage so making the webpage is not the trouble, the trouble is how do i run it from Windows Xp. I have enable IIS services, and thats where im lost..

Another issue is how do i configure my router to allow access ..

I know this is a long one and probably need some links so thanks...

Paul Komski
08-27-2002, 09:15 PM
Hi diurnal. I am trying to do this too so perhaps we can "work in parallel" and other peeps will hopefully be able to chip in with advice. I am using Win2K-Pro - but I guess it is a similar procedure.

I have got this far after installing IIS. The default root folder for the site is at C/Inetpub/wwwroot (substituting C for the drive where I have my OS installed). This is where you put your pages, etc. There are other files already there but I would cut and paste them into another folder for the time being. These other files (and the ones in the other folders in the Inetpub folder) are various templates and help files, which I wouldn't alter until their functions are fully understood.

Initially name your homepage Default.htm If you want to call it index.htm (or something else) you will need to enable this in a separate process; but you can do this later.

Now open the Personal Web Manager (maybe make a shortcut to it on your desktop too) from Settings/ControlPanel/AdministrativeTools.

MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON-LINE and then if WebPublishing is off then click the PWM-Start Button. Now click on the link shown there to your homepage and it should show up in your browser.

Click Advanced and if you expand the Home Directory you will see a list of the Virtual Directories installed by default. To add a directory to this list open Windows Explorer and R-Click on the directory, select Properties and then on the WebSharing Tab check the "Share this folder" radio-button.

Since you are using FrontPage, find the Web Folder that you are working from and enable sharing on it. Then to view that site in your browser, type the same url in the address bar (as shown as your homepage in PWM) but add the virtual folder name (that it has been given in the Advanced settings) after a / (slash). But either have the homepage called Default.htm in FrontPage or add the actual homepage file name to the start of the list of default documents followed by a comma.

Now I presume that if anyone typed my IP address in their browser they should be able to access the pages copied into the wwwroot folder.

I suspect this may not be the case (it seems too easy) and that there will have to be a number of networking, sharing and DNS settings to be configured. My dynamic IP address from my ISP doesn't help of course.

I had previously reached a stage when I was prompted for my password. Since I have never used a password it didn't work and it wouldn't accept the empty string either. So I will now try to make progress having ensured that I am logged on as Administrator (now with a password) and with every user being required to log-on with a password as well.

Hope this is at least of some help. Any hints and advice and pitfalls to avoid or any good links would be most appreciated.

Paul Komski
08-28-2002, 08:50 PM

(1) On reflection it seems better to leave the original files in the wwwroot folder. If you are going to use it as the default virtual directory to set a page up quickly; add your "homepage" to it and call it Default.htm.

(2) Adding a virtual directory to the site by changing its properties (as in previous post) is only supposed to work/be done if you are using NFTS. I did this using FAT32X and it hasn't (yet) caused problems. I was supposed to add them either by using the PWM or by using the "snap-in" at ControlPanel/AdministrativeTools/ComputerManagement/ServicesAndApplications and then using R-Click Menus or The Action Menu at the top.

I had hoped to set this up, not really to act as a server but to be able to work on asp pages, for which you need a server that supports them. I have a standalone using dial-up but can't access "my own site" AND all the iis help files, without actually being on-line!

Does anyone know if there is a way to still access "my own server" without actually being on-line; perhaps I could do this with a NIC even if there are no other pcs on the LAN. Any ideas out there.? ;)

Presumably diurnal's router has a static IP address, which incoming requests would be first directed to. I'm guessing now that it would also need a domain name (either registered or redirected to that address) - and presumably it would then forward these to the server pc using the server's name or LAN address (if that's the correct terminology). :confused:

08-29-2002, 12:03 AM
hubba bubba

I looked at it and decided it was MUCH easier getting hosting on a machine other than my own. Cheaper too- all considered- time= money and all



Paul Komski
08-29-2002, 12:17 AM
:D Cheaper - Easier - AND - More Secure. But since you can only test asp pages Server-Side, having a server installed allows testing, without repeated uploading/downloading to a distant server and distant database. Then again; look what an asp did to Cleopatra! :eek: :D

"Many users with Cable and xDSL broadband connections are using hardware routers such as the Linksys Cable/DSL Routers to connection their local area network to the Internet. This tutorial explains how to configure your Linksys router with TZO, and setting the router to run a mail and web server on your local area network." from Using TZO with your Linksys Cable/DSL Router Model BEFSR41 (http://www.tzo.com/MainPageSupport/HowToPage/HowToLinksysRouter.html)

08-29-2002, 05:31 AM
Thanks Paul i know my friend , which is really good in building webpages and networking in general. He tried to set it up with the the TZO server configuration and couldnt get it going, he told me to just try it without the router just using the cable modem.

Think he was ready to leave i dont blame him:D bBut i check out the link you have given me and advice and see would i can break.

I post back and let u know something, it might be a while tho, i m lazy..

Oh he gave me this site, and said this should solve the changing IP addresses http://www.no-ip.com/
It updates your ip address when it changes i think , check it out and let me know..

09-08-2002, 07:16 AM
Well every thing is running fine, except one problem, the router will not let http port through or the ftp ports. I have configure the port forwarding on the router . And my HANDS are UP in the air.. so dont know what to do, getting to not care:mad:

Paul Komski
09-08-2002, 08:49 PM
Wish I could help, but I'm only used to DialUp and Networking knowledge is one of my weak points. I bet GH (or someone) would know the way to go.