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09-07-2002, 05:25 AM
Hi all, I have recently upgraded the PC from WinME to WinXP Pro but... when I try to access internet options it states it is restricted and to ask for admin help. I am the sole user of this PC and have admin status but it won't let me in.

Is there a way I can access IE options?

The second problem is when I am browsing and a page opens in a new window, it opens a new window but the page is not loaded, it comes up as a blank screen!
When I open a page and it loads into the same window it loads fine, no problems

This is the reason I wished to access IE options to see if there are any settings I can modify in order to correct this irritating glitch.


best regards Lee

Mitch Hatfield
09-07-2002, 08:56 AM
Hi Lee

What version of IE - 5 or 6?

Which Windows OS? W95/98/Me, or what?

Have you tried accessing Internet Options from "Safe Mode"?:)

09-07-2002, 09:17 AM
Hi Mitch, sorry about that, been feeling a bit vague all week lol! :rolleyes:

I have IE6 v6.0.2600.000

I am running Win XP Pro with all the updates
I have not tried from safe mode but will try this and report back

many thanks for the reply, watch this space... :D

Mark Miller
09-07-2002, 11:05 AM
Are you running any pop-up ad stoppers? I know that's a weird question, but I am and at first it would not let me get to any microsoft sites including ie6 [my own fault]. If you are look under preferences to see if any of these sites might be blocked. Probably not the answer, but since it is close to what happened to me I thought I would pass it on.

Mitch Hatfield
09-07-2002, 11:17 AM
Yeh, Mark

My Add-subtract software is very aggressive and can cause such problems on specific sites. When that happens, I just disable it temporarily.:)

09-07-2002, 11:26 AM
XP PRO is a different critter than ME, it is based on the NT kernel, not the 9x.

One of the things that means is that it now has permissions levels and automatically creates at least two user accounts when installed, one an admin and the other a user. It probably assigned you to the users group, if you did an upgrade intead of a fresh install. If you log off and then log back in as the admin you should be able to change the IE options.

q308419 (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;q308419&)

q307882 (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q307882&sd=tech)

q308418 (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;q308418&)

(several MSKB articles dealing with changing permissions)

Paul Komski
09-07-2002, 11:27 AM
Don't know about the permissions bit but the blank page problem is an old one, most usually caused by .dll conflicts between the original and new versions of ie when going to ie6 (which is part of XP).

The most common resolution was to type and enter regsvr32 urlmon.dll from Start<>Run. There are other ones too and they can be found, along with a similar problem, at http://www.annoyances.org/exec/forum/winxp/t1027277165

There are a few old threads here that addressed this problem but I can't find them just now. :(

09-07-2002, 11:35 AM
Back again :D can get into ie6 options via safe mode; thanks for that, also downloaded tweakui for XP nice for background settings

I do use a popupkiller called inspirationally 'popupkiller' its good at what it is designed to do and does not appear to affect the settings or functioning of IE up and above what i tell it to do.
I do sometimes have to disable it, mainly when I go on some of these forums, because they redirect you and popupkiller shuts that down, but I can cope with that; the benefits far out-way the disadvantages.

steep learning curve but I is still rising :D

Ps: will look into the link thanks very much for all this help very much appreciated :)

Mitch Hatfield
09-07-2002, 02:09 PM
You should be able to change the options in PopupKiller to specify certain sites that it will ignore, namely this one for example.

Don't know how do it in your software, but it is very easy in Ad-subtract, which I now no longer have to disable when I visit such sites;)

I just listen to the racket it then makes when I forget to turn it back on again and then go and browse a site like CNet!! Drives me :mad:

09-08-2002, 06:42 AM
Hi Again, sorted popupkiller no longer slams the door on this site; just being lazy I guess. ;)

Blank pages are sorted, thanks Paul.

Can Access the internet options from the Control Panel, thanks mitch.

still can't get options from tools > options in IE6 but 2 out of three aint bad. I can live with it, and to be honest I don't go into IE option very much so we'll leave it there

once again thanks a lot, lots of respect for this forum you're tops.:D

PS: just noticed I've been promoted lol! :D

Paul Komski
09-08-2002, 08:42 PM
There must be a way to grant you access to the IE options. I'm not familiar with the IE6/XP settings, but hopefully there will be someone with good XP knowledge who can help.

Paul Komski
09-08-2002, 10:59 PM
... did you try mjc's suggestion?

09-09-2002, 12:57 AM
Logoff XP when you get to the welcome screen hit ctrl+alt+delete twice an admin logon box will come up logon with the password that you chose when you installed XP. After you logon as admin (not user with admin priviedges) go to control panel-->user accounts click on your user account change the account type from "limited" to "computer administrator". If you don't do this you will run into other problems when making changes and installing programs

09-09-2002, 05:55 AM
Hi all, u guys really know your stuff wiil try all suggestions tonight when I get back in. Looks like we're going for 3 out of 3 eh!

best regards Lee :D