View Full Version : Linux Login

Vic 970
09-08-2002, 11:02 AM
Well, I HAD Linux running again, by going through setup again, but now its 8.0 as I didn't get anywhere with 8.2.

I had 3 part's on Linux so I deleted one of them (converting it to unallocated space) and eventually it got up and running.

went into it a couple of times, then again (trying the boot disc) all was ok and without logging in.
then I was having a play in boot manager (to get windows as default boot) and must have set it to log me in.

Now I can't get into it. it asks for 'localhost' where I put in my user name, it then asks for password, which I enter, it then comes up with 'localhost vic last logged in, blah blah' but wont go past that screen.

It is obviously accepted the user name and password, but I can't get any further.