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09-11-2002, 08:43 PM
Last May I bought a package containing all 3 games of the Myst series, the best-selling computer game series in history. The graphics & acting are stunning, but installing the games gave me headaches & heartaches. If I had QuickTime 5 or later installed, Myst I would freeze in a few scenes (most notably Atrus & Catherine's forechamber by the dock on Myst Island) because Myst I was made with QT4. So I had to uninstall QT5 & then install QT4 from the Myst I CD-ROM. As for Riven, I had no trouble running that one at all.

But wait! Things got worse...the Readme file for Myst III recommended that I update my video (SiS 530) & sound (HP/Rockwell soundcard-56K modem combo) drivers. But updating my drivers made matters worse for me. It screwed up DirectX 8's 3D features, thereby rendering Myst III unplayable. So I resorted to reformatting my hard drive so I could restore my old drivers. After that I was able to play Myst III, but some non-game files I had forgotten to back up went down the drain. So even though I have since completed Myst III, I look back on it as a Pyrrhic victory. I still play the games I already have, but have sworn off buying new ones ever again.

09-12-2002, 05:09 AM
Dont know the exact question here or is it a comment?

I like Myst I it was a new a refreshing idea and awesome graphics. 2 and 3 was more of the same, after the third i vowed to never buy consective sequels. One thing you have to be a psychic to figure out half the puzzles on the game, and if you dont cheat then your a genius. I dont like cheating on games but it was the only way to figure it out, unless you have 200 hours to spare. i just lost the patience.

09-12-2002, 08:46 PM
Actually, I meant it as a comment. If my experience is any guide, buyers of the Myst series should look before they leap. Before they install the games or update their drivers, they should make sure all valuable files they made up to that point are backed up. Windows users should also make sure the games are compatible with whatever version of Windows they use (I use Win98), as I've read in other players' reviews that the games are not compatible with WinXP.