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dazed woman
10-17-2002, 07:11 PM
I just purchased a Linksys Cable/DSL 4-port router Model NR041. It was only $47.50 at Best Buy!
Anyway I hooked it up through my cable modem and the internet connection works wonderful! But...
How do I get the two computers to share files and the printer?
I have a new computer I just built with Windows XP Home and an older laptop with Windows 98SE

I tried the setup network wizard in the desktop (Windows XP Home)but it assumed I was using Internet Connection Sharing with one computer connected to the internet all the time and a hub.

Then I tried the file sharing wizard again in XP thinking this might give me a clue where to start and it locked up while writing to the A:drive.

The Linksys setup quick install cheat sheet said if I have Windows XP to refer to the manual which I don't have (bought the OEM version)

Any help would sure be appreciated. Just give me a simple wizard or something please :D

Dazed again.

10-18-2002, 10:14 AM
This page should help you:

XP file sharing (http://www.practicallynetworked.com/sharing/xp/filesharing.htm)

Good Luck :)

dazed woman
10-18-2002, 01:45 PM
Thanks Ghost Hacker, that site helped...somewhat. I can now access the desktop(XP) on the laptop(98) but not the other way 'round.

I have read as much on this bulletin board as I could find but feel more comfused. Whew! I thought this was going to be a simple plug and play with a few simple settings. What a joke! :confused:

So when I go to access the laptop (win98) I go to Network Tasks->View workgroup computers. My laptop is shown but when I click on it, I get a message "\\Laptop is not accessible...Network path was not found." So I deleted the shortcut.
[I just put the shortcut back on XP but the laptop is taking such a long time to access the Network in network neighborhood that I think I will shut it down and restart after I post this message]

I couldn't get the network wizard to work in the laptop (got illegal error and shut down program). From reading the other post about a similar problem, this doesn't seem like it was such a bad thing. ;)

I don't have a login password on the laptop and I named the workgroup the same name. I thought I made the laptop accessible. Do I change this on the desktop (WinXP) or laptop (Win98)?

Whoops! Oh, no! Now the desktop is no longer showing in Network Neighborhood on the laptop. Yikes! Argh! and Damm!!!!:mad:

Got my new copy of PC World and they have an article about networks. Seems like their bottom line is to get a professional so you don't have to pull your hair out. Shouldn't this be easy?:D

Thanks Ghost Hacker for the great help you provide.

dazed woman
10-18-2002, 07:03 PM
I have been searching all over the web to try and staighten this out. On Linksys support page they gave more information about file sharing with the following caveat...

"Please Note: If you're using Windows 98/ME and try to access a Windows 2000/XP PC then you may not be able to access the shared portions of the Windows 2000/XP computer due to user right restrictions. To get around this you may want to have the Window 2000/XP PC access the files from the 98/ME machine. Else you'll need to setup User permissions. For more information on that you can check Microsoft's website or contact their technical support."

This is OK with me since I want to get the stuff from my laptop onto the new computer then reformat its poor hard drive since it has been having so many problems lately.

I went to Micorsoft's website to try and find anything about "setup User permission" Can't seem to find the place I do this. I tried plugging in the error message "Network path not found" without any luck. I cannot seem to find the place I change User permission. Any clues?
Thanks again.

10-19-2002, 06:04 AM
User access permission only apply when your trying to acccess the XP computer from the 98 one not the other way around (98 doesn't have users in the "XP" sense anyway you'll get an access denied error of some sort.)

This link explains XP permissions and how to set them up:

TechTV XP permissions (http://www.techtv.com/callforhelp/howto/story/1,24330,3369561,00.html)

Net 'hood is a piece of crap and I rarely use it. It' slow and not very reliable. ( not many people , including so called "pros", really understand how it's works.) Anyway, a better way of connecting is to use the "run" window. First, if your using TCP/IP, test that there is a connection by using "ping". Open your MSdos conmmand prompt and type ping IP address of other computer (using the other computer's IP of course :) Do this test at both computers and make sure that both computer firewalls are disabled during the test and the ones that follow.)

If all goes well and you get replies back, then open your "start" menu and choose "run". Type in \\computername replacing computername with the other computer's name.

If this doesn't work try \\ipaddress replacing ipaddress with the other computer's ip. (if your not using TCP/IP then only the first method will work.)

This is the best way to troubleshoot network access problems of this sort and also the best manual way to access other computers. You can even add the share name if you know it to open a window directly to that folder .

Example: \\computername\sharename

If "run" works you will get a window showing the shares of the other computer. If not post back what error you got.

Good luck :)

dazed woman
10-19-2002, 01:34 PM
Thanks Ghost Hacker for the help. I really like TechTV. Sometimes I have it on when I am on the computer. The first thing he said on that site was you couldn't set up the user permission if your computer was formatted using FAT 32. I partitioned my drive using FAT32. Now I am wondering if I can go back and repartition one section using NTFS. I will be using that part for video capture and it is 50GB.

Horray, Hurray, and Yipee. It works! I am almost too embarassed to write this but my firewall (Zone Alarm) was running. Duh factor sets in.:o I had turned it off but forgot to turn it off in startup.

Can I still use Zone Alarm? I like that it won't let any spyware send stuff out if I block it. At least that is my understanding. But how to figure out how to let the other computer in. Hmmm maybe I should just not use it.

For anyone looking at this thread, I used the following website to find the IP addresses. (I have a dynamic link) It is on setting up a router and was incredibly helpful. I didn't need all the directions but it gave me nice step-by-step for finding the IP address. Now if I had only checked to see if my firewall was enabled..

Here (http://kb.linksys.com/cgi-bin/om_isapi.dll?clientID=145225&QuestionText=Linking%20windows%20XP%20to%20Windows %2098&SelectName1=&advquery=%5bs%5d%5bRank%2c%2050%3a%5bSum%3a%20Link ing%20windows%20XP%20to%20Windows%2098%5d%5bMerge% 3a%20%5bThesaurus%3a%20Linking%20windows%20XP%20to %20Windows%2098%5d%5d%5d&infobase=linksysrev.nfo&record={21}&softpage=IKW_ENU_JDocView)

A very thankful (but embarrased)
Dazed Woman

10-20-2002, 09:52 AM
Cool, I'm glad you got it working :) I learned how to upgrade a Linux kernal by using a TechTV how-to. It was far easier to do than the other how-tos said it was and I have been hooked on their how-tos ever since.

You can change your FAT drive to a NTFS one. Look here for details:

Converting a FAT drive to an NTFS one (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/using/itpro/managing/convertfat.asp)

I use the cheapo (IE: free) version of ZoneAlarm :D for the same reason you do. But I belive,if you use the more costly verion of ZA, you can setup a "rule" that will allow connections from the other computer. If you use the cheapo version ,like me, you might have to play around with it. (my own network is currenty not "up and running" so I can't test it myself.)

Hope this helps :)

dazed woman
10-20-2002, 03:27 PM
Yup I have the cheapo version of Zone Alarm also. The best price is free isn't it? Under help I found directions for making my computer visible on local network. It works great! No problems so far.

No longer Dazed and very happy (for now):D