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11-17-2002, 12:09 PM
I have a friend who has been given permission to use her boss's puter for some personal email. Unfortunately, the boss has AOL and I thought I had read somewhere that AOL browsers didn't "like" Hotmail or something. So, does anyone use Eudora and AOL? And if so, no problems? And, could someone using AOL give me a "path" to the "empty Temporary Internet files" in their browser? A path like the Tools..Internet Options..General page has the "delete files"...in Internet Explorer. ??

11-17-2002, 01:58 PM
Hello Kay,

Top of the morning to you!...Well, almost noon now! :D

The browser in AOL is just a "Sears" version of IE (i.e., the original has been modified for AOL's use). Temp files are dumped in the same manner...in fact I think all Temp Internet files are sent to that file whether I'm using the straight up IE or AOL browser.

I realize this is the Boss' computer, but I'd certainly suggest that it be suggested that he/she consider Cookies Manager (http://home.nordnet.fr/~pmdevigne/programmes_e.html) since the cookies are also stored in the Temp File. That way, you can select the cookies to keep...like PC Guide and dump the others without hand selecting ones to keep within the Temp file.

If he has AOL Version 8 there are two ways to dump the Temp files without getting into the Control Panel.

Either Right-Click on the AOL icon that usually shows up by the clock: System Information>Utilities>Clear Browser Cache. This, however, will hot rid one of the cookies stored in the Temp file...that's why the benefit of Cookie Manager.

Or, you can Start>Programs>AOL>SystemInformation>Utilities>Clear Browser Cache.

Hope this helps....

As far as HotMail...I don't use it, but I've no problem reading HotMail Emails.

11-18-2002, 10:54 AM
Whyzman : Thanks! And good call on the CookieManager because I forgot all about cookies.. :eek: Don't know whether we'll be able to do it, though. I can say this because I am female too..the boss is one of those "I don't know anything about computers" women who aren't willing to learn! She told my friend that my friend should just use the boss' email addy because "I don't want to pay for an extra email." I've never had AOL..but pretty sure most of their accounts have more than one email box..right? Sigh. And the boss still hasn't grasped the whole "free web mail" concept, so I want my friend to be able to leave boss' puter after emailing exactly as she found it.

11-18-2002, 12:11 PM
Right, Kay......AOL has multiple mailboxes. (5 or 10....more than my sister can actually use....)

Tell her to tell her boss that web mail is like a PO box that somebody else picks up the tab for.........