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11-24-2002, 11:26 AM
Recently, one of our credit card sites "improved" their website, and I have had difficulties since. I login, go to next page, try clicking on a "statement" link, and get "this page cannot be displayed" and if I try the Back button, get the "this page has expired" and back to login page. Takes three or four tries to get where I need to go, and so I emailed tech support. Their first response was "delete all cookies, and delete all TempInternet files". Okay, so I explained that I have Cookie Manager, and have very few cookies saved, and that browser is set to "empty Temporary Files on exit" and since their site was first place I go when they send me email that says my statement is ready, NO temporary files except for theirs. Their next email was "Make sure all Java is enabled, delete all cookies, and empty TIF." Sigh..was like they didn't even read my email.

The irony is that I have always had that problem with the "other" credit card site, and emailed them a couple of times and told them to ask the techs at the above site, or at my bank, what they do because their sites never gave me any grief...until now.

Anyone have any ideas?

Paul Komski
11-24-2002, 06:06 PM
Hi Kay. If the domain is not already in as a trusted site, I would put it in. Then just about enable everything that might interfere from the custom settings for trusted sites.

They may have downloaded plugins for java etc. so could be worth checking that nothing in Windows<>DownloadedProgramsFiles is shown as corrupted.

11-24-2002, 07:26 PM
I think it is pretty likely that they either didn't read your email or they didn't understand it. You often have to call and speak to a manager to get any resolution from sites like this, even then you may not. They use minimally trained staff who respond with canned responses and don't know what to do with someone who has a little technical expertise.


Paul Komski
11-24-2002, 09:04 PM
Hey Kay! Why don't you: "Make sure all Java is enabled, delete all cookies, and empty TIF." LOL :D How often do you get deja vu!

11-25-2002, 10:53 AM
After a recent upgrade to M$ IE I can no longer visit certain secured sites using IE. I can get to them using Netscape, Opera, or any other browser but not IE. If your using IE try using something else and see if it's in fact the browser itself. I think when M$ tried to fix the security holes they ended up screwing something up. I haven't really had the time to tinker with mine but it sounds like you might be getting the same thing.

11-25-2002, 11:47 AM
HeadachesAbound : Had to laugh at your post a bit..but only because you are assuming that I, like you, are "keeping up" properly. I haven't updated anything except for AVG in months and months..and hey, never got around to getting those LPs put on cassette either. :D

Paul : Need help with your response. I just glanced through security settings in IE..how do I put their website in "trusted"? It's set on Custom..and I glanced through that page, but mainly cookies and such. ( Budfred's "a little technical expertise" is apt, particularly on the "a little" part..lol) And I checked the Downloaded Programs file..and don't see anything that hasn't been there for pretty much forever. How would I tell if something there was corrupted? SFC?..or something else?

The only reason I posted about this is because I am starting to feel a bit "ah oh!"... I had two "good" sites, and one "buggy"..and now I have only one good left.. :eek: And I am mindful of what mjc said in another thread about going to IE 5.5 because there were security patches still available..while not available for my IE 5..BUT I didn't like IE 5.5..sigh. Sheesh, might actually be forced to change again?

11-25-2002, 01:20 PM
Recent security revelations in the way that IE handles SSL Encryption may have caused your bank / CC Company to upgrade or change the security that they use which might be blocking you out. You might have to either use another browser or upgrade to IE 6 (IE 5.5 not recommended due to buginess that may never be resolved by M$).

And my assumption was more of an assumption that M$ would have forced you to upgrade by now.

Paul Komski
11-25-2002, 03:25 PM
Headaches has made some good points; particularly trying a second browser, if only for troubleshooting IE.

(1a) IE<>Tools<>Options<>Security then highlight "Trusted Sites" Icon and click on Sites.
(1b) Enter the domain and click add.
(1c) You could just add, say, *.pcguide.com for this site and then all pages at pcguide.com will be treated as trusted sites; when you load them you will see the trusted sites icon appear on the right of the status bar at the bottom. You would need to uncheck the box for "Require Server Verification ..." for such a wild-card entry, but can turn it back on after the site has been added.
(1d) For https sites add, say, https;//www.yourdomain.com (colon not semicolon).
(1e) Now click the Custom level (for trusted sites) and set them as you wish in the same way that you would for ordinary browsing; but you can be much more liberal with the settings. You could set all of them to enable and low security to start with and see if the site works ok; then restrict them, one by one, or how you actually want them to be.

(2) Go to Help in IE and choose "About" and check the Cipher Strength setting. This should be 128bit for most https sites to function properly and to give the greatest security.

(3) If a file in Windows<>DownloadedProgramFiles is corrupted it will state this in the Status Column in Windows Explorer. Just delete any that are corrupted; they will be downloaded the next time a site needs you to have them.

;) Sad for you Kay that you may have to upgrade or use another browser ... but if you want to use the latest security technology, it may just be a necessity.

Didn't use trusted sites myself for a long time, but it does mean you can set very severe security settings (disabled or prompts etc) for "normal" browsing and yet access your trusted sites without worying that the enabled java/activeX etc that you set for the trusted ones just won't work when you browse "normally" - unless of course you have been lax with your custom settings in the Internet Zone.

It is also worth checking that the restricted sites settings are truly restrictive. One can put certain sites in this zone if one wants, but of greater relevance, for OE users, is to set the OE settings to use these Restricted Sites Settings, such that javascripts etc won't be activated when viewing HTML eMails.

Have fun! :D

11-25-2002, 07:25 PM
Use Mozilla or Opera, and if you bank sites don't work with them, give 'em h*ll (the banks I mean!). Both those browsers are much more secure than IE is or ever will be.

11-26-2002, 11:09 AM
Thanks, Paul . I have copied/pasted your instructions and will check it out.

And thanks to all..I appreciate it. :)