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12-17-2002, 10:39 PM
I recently had a bad experience with Pop Ups. I was trying to type a message and I could hear disk activity and suddenly 6 or 7 Pop Ups would get plastered on my screen. It became impossible to close them down. Some didn't have the X box. Closing them down brought more to the screen. On some occasions, they appeared without any keyboard or mouse activity on my part.

I know there are pop up killers out there but I have heard that they can also stop the ones you need to continue processing.

At any rate, my solution was to reload my original software and delete the 'cookies' files using the search feature of Windows Explorer. I don't think the 'Tools' Internet Options' 'Delete Cookies' deletes all your cookies.

I have Internet Explorer Version 6.0. Under Tools -> Internet Options ->
Privacy Tab, I have it set to Medium High which prevents most cookies from being written. Evidently, a lot of sites, including this one, write a cookie when you sign in. In order to solve this problem, in the same Privacy Tab window, hit Edit under Web Sites and add the sites that require a login to override the block. This will create a 'Managed Web Site' list.

I have been running great ever since.

12-17-2002, 11:13 PM
I had this and used spybot search and destroy to fix the problem (didn't work till I went to the online update link) maybe you could try this if it happens again. Saves from loosing all your cookies

12-17-2002, 11:24 PM
Those popups may not have been a cookie problem and if you haven't run a spyware scanner yet, I would encourage you to do so. Also, popup blockers only block popups, not cookies, so you can safely run one to avoid having to deal with popups and preserve your cookies.

I am running Opera as one of my Browsers and it is very effective at blocking popups and I think it also protects against those hijacking popups you encountered.


12-17-2002, 11:35 PM
It sure sounds like you are infected with some kind of browser hijacker...

I recomend Spybot S&D, (link is in my sig)