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12-23-2002, 02:10 AM
I was reading an article somewhere that explained how to setup an ftp server with a Linksys Router and it said that when you are port forwarding, you should never use ports 1024-4999. Why is that? I noticed that mIRC uses ports 1024-5000 for its default DCC ports. Does that have anythnig to do with it?

Speaking of IRC, anybody know how to properly setup mIRC with a LinkSys Router?? I can do everything on mIRC except for DCC send. Dont know why cuz I can DCC receive. I tried changing the default DCC port settings but they keep reverting back to 1024-5000. What ports need to be open? I heard mirc uses 3 diff ranges of ports for things. Help!

One more quick 1. Can 2 applications use the same port?


12-27-2002, 09:58 AM
I am not too sure about MIRC Upstream and Down, however RE: your ports question. Thoose ports are more vunerable to attack from flooding, DNOS, etc.... this is because these chat servers can host and run scripts that are powerful (as they can support many users) - these resources are used in a bad way I guess. Basically thoose ports need to be carefully used. If they are closed or controlled (i.e restricted and not open) you shouldnt have any problems.
I would recommand a firewall such as ZoneAlarm.
Anyone know of any flooding/DNOS prevention programs of protection? (just out of interest). I think ZoneAlarm protects from these...???