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01-07-2003, 01:50 AM
A friend of mine has offered me a deal. If I build her a case at cost, she'll let me give her my old part at it's current value so I can use the money toward an upgrade for myself. My components are fairly new and work well and I wouldn't hesittate to give them to her. Here are my ideas:
Give her my
-SB Live 5.1 and buy myself a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. (difference $34)
-Give her my Logitech Z340 Speakers for Logitech Z640 (difference $33)
-Give her 512 Crucial PC 2100 DDR RAM for 512 Kingston PC 3200 (difference $35)
-Possibly give her my MSI GeForce 3 Ti2000 64MG for ?????

I am using an Athlon XP 2100+ cpu with an Antec True Power 430 PSU, and an ABIT KD7 (400) mobo.

The first 3 trades are about $100 or so. The other is ?????? Am I better with 128mg than 64? Is ATI better than Nvidia? Should I forget the vid-card because I'm not a gamer. Is TV out a good feature. I have a 17" Samsung Analog LCD.

01-07-2003, 03:24 AM
Non-gamers are generally served better by Matrox cards. Top 2D for consumers. You could either go for a 32MB G550 for about $100 (analog + DVI) or you could max it out with a 128MB Parhelia for about $350! The Parhelia has two DVI plus a whole bunch of cables for running many combinations of displays, like triple analog monitors! Heheh, for $600 you can get a 256MB Parhelia, that would be way fun! :D

The G550 wouldn't be as powerful as a GF3 Ti 200, but it also doens't cost very much (maybe $20 difference). The Parhelia would definitely be a step up while at the same time keeping top-end 2D performance/quality. If you want something in between, take your pick - any GF4 Ti, any Radeon 9500 Pro, any Radeon 9700, any Radeon 9700 Pro, etc - but these are pure 3D gaming cards and don't even offer the 2D excellence of the lower-end G550.