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01-09-2003, 01:22 AM
I recently was scanning my browser's history file, and noticed a large number of connections to the site ad.doubleclick.net. I've also seen the name appear frequently in cookie files. Being a bit of an obsessive nutcase where privacy & ICP (Incessant Crap Peddling, a term of my own coining. Do feel free to use it... ;-) are concerned, I added ad.doubleclick.net to my firewall's BLOCKED list. Now on a number of sites, I get the message "the connection was refused when attempting to connect to ad.doubleclick.net". Most interestingly/infuriatingly/paranoia arousingly, I continue to get this message again and again as long as these sites are in the browser window, even if I'm not using them & they're just "sitting there". I gather this organization is some of the scum behind banner ads, popups, etc (which I block anyway, even w/o the site itself being banned). I use Mozilla, I'm wondering if there's anyway to get it to NOT tell me "the connection was refused when attempting to connect to ad.doubleclick.net" whenever a site attempts to connect to this or any other blocked site. I get the similarly repetitious annoying message "document contains no data" on some sites when I have cookies blocked, even though the site has loaded fine for MY purposes, which message I can also live without.



01-09-2003, 02:06 AM
You have doubleclick nailed exactly....they are the scum behind many banners and they do track you with their cookies.

As for the popup error messages in Moz, what version are you running, because I haven't seen many of them anymore, since upping to 1.2.1.

The other one, well, that I haven't found an answer for. Some sites just don't like you to stay private. and the easiest way, unless it is for something you are really interested in, that really needs cookies, like this forum (they keep track of you login status, and what posts you read), then just ignore the message or avoid the site. Also if most of the page loads and you get that message, then it is likely that the page has frames and one of the frames was ads and due to no cookie wasn't loaded.

01-09-2003, 02:17 AM
MJC-Thanks for the reply, I'm using Mozilla 1.0.1. Used one of the later ones for awhile, don't recall which, and it did something I didn't like (can't for the life of me remember what, either it kept resetting all my preferences to default, or it deleted my bookmarks, something tragic... )

The one site I use that's a real bitch with the "contains no data" thing is a Canadian MLS/real estate page, http://www.mls.ca/mls/home.asp, DEFINATELY frames. Each new pages you've got to get rid of 3 or more of the damned warnings! Unfortunately I need to use it right now, & I donít think the info's available elsewhere. Usually I just turn cookie blocking off while there (which I hate to do, makes me feel they're "winning" ;-)


01-09-2003, 03:22 AM
Agree BC...DoubleClick and the rest of the vermin pests are endangering the Net...
I really can't tell if it is working, but I went to the DoubleCrap website and...after scouring the site found where they will let you download an "optout" cookie. I believe that having that cookie on your system is similar to having your name/phone number put on the "do not call list" for particular telemarketing pig-dog companies. I've aquired optout cookies for other rats too (like "FastClick", etc.). I make backup copies of these cookies because if they are ever deleted from your drive, then you have to go back to thier septic sites and re-download them again.
Good Luck to you BC...and don't allow yourself to become resigned to accepting the invasions of these maggot worms...then they win and are able to gestate into full maturity and procreate into ever greater numbers!!!