View Full Version : Information Systems Master's Degree

01-12-2003, 01:30 AM
It's almost time to graduate...yippee! But where do I go now???? I looking into getting my Master's Degree in Information Systems. Just polling to see if anyone has any recomendations (or warnings) they like to share on where to get it. I live in New York and will probably stay somewhere along the East coast. Anyone have any experience with Graduate schools out East? All suggestions are more than welcome, since I can't seem to make a decision. :confused:

05-11-2003, 08:32 PM
Congrats on making it so far. What did you decide to do about grad school?

05-12-2003, 01:52 AM
Boston Univsersity. I went down there to visit and had a great time. It's a good school and a great city. They've got a dual MBA/MIS degree program that'll keep me busy for the next two years. I figure there aren't many jobs out there, so I might as well hide behind school for a couple more years.:D