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02-02-2003, 05:08 PM
I finally sucessfully completed my first computer build (Asus A7N8X, Athlon 2100+ processor, 1GB Kinston pc3200 ram, XFX Ti4200 video card, WD 120gb hd), and installed an OEM version of XP Professional on it (but haven't registered it yet). However, all is not well! Two separate problems have cropped that I'm unsure how to deal with. The first, the computer randomly crashes and reboots, usually when the compter is "active" (booting programs, transferring files, etc). Could this be a bios problem? The shipping bios is 1001.G.
The second problem I have relates to corrupted files from a program I installed and subsequently removed. Some of the old files still remain, and each boot-up brings a warning that these files are there, and have been quarantined, watch out for them!
So......., since I'm not very far into transferring my files from my old machine, I've decided that it's not too late to start over. My plan is to update the bios, and also re-install XP Pro. My questions are:
(1) will I run into a problem simply deleting all the files on the C drive and then re-running the OEM XP Pro program to install it (or is there a better way to do this)
(2) is it better to update the bios before installing the system (or does it make any difference) and
(3) is there anything to be especially careful of when I do this?

Any advice for a newbie would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

02-02-2003, 05:33 PM
If this is a new motherboard I would not update the BIOS unless there is an update that will fix a specific problem you are having. The problems you describe sound like you have a virus and starting over is probably the best bet. I would not simply delete files and reinstall however. I would use your XP CD to repartition and reformat the hard drive before beginning the install. This will wipe out the data on there more cleanly. If it is a virus, you may even be better off using the hard drive utilities zero out the hard drive a couple of times just to be sure you got rid of the bugger. Be sure to power down completely after clearing the hard drive and before the install so virus files can't hide in RAM.


I forgot to mention that the reason I wouldn't update the BIOS unless there is a clear reason for it is that if you goof, you will have a piece of motherboard decorative art to put on your wall, you can ruin the motherboard....

02-02-2003, 06:04 PM
Thanks Budfred. Can you elaborate on your recommendation to use the CD to partition and re-format? As you know, there's no manual with the OS, so it's pretty much a search mission (ocassionally futile) for me. I understand about your caution re the flashing the bios. I guess I'll wait on that. I can always to that later if I find it's necessary.

02-02-2003, 09:26 PM
When you boot the computer with XP in the CD drive, it should give you options for setting itself up. I installed it for my sister, but I forget the details of the opening screen, but I know it includes options for partitioning and formatting your hard drive. You can check here for more detail:


or here:


02-02-2003, 11:04 PM
Thanks, Budfred.
It's kind of like building a computer...if you know how, it's easy! Per your suggestion, I used the CD, and lo and behold, there was the menu to do a new installation. I assume that it will include a re-format as well, as I didn't see any options presented for also formatting the hard drive. I'll do it tomorrow, and let you know how it went.