View Full Version : Not sure where to ask, but I am having severe problems with my computer.

02-05-2003, 12:19 AM
I have AVG anit virus protection (the free one.) I think I might have a virus though. My e-mail is very slow and many times my computer freezes up.

My e-mail seems to be the biggest problem. I am using Outlook with Windows ME. It just started acting up recently. It will not send mail and says its connecting, but never does. Nothing has been done to it, it just started acting up.

I am wondering how hard it is to reinstall windows? Will that fix the computer of any problems it is having? I dont have that much stuff on my computer, just word documents and email adresses. Those are the only important things. I also have games and some programs, but nothing I cannot download again. Would reinstalling it work? I am a computer super NOVICE though, so I dont know if I try to reinstall it and then my house burns down..

02-05-2003, 12:38 AM
If you have a virus, reformatting and reinstalling Windoze would possibly get rid of it, but some are more persistant. It isn't that hard to do, it is mainly a pain reloading everything. If you have kept AVG up to date, it is unlikely that you do have a virus, however.

There are a number of other possibilities to consider before taking drastic steps. The first thing I would do it go to Options in Outlook and in IE and have it clear caches, history, cookies and anything else that might have accumulated a lot of useless files.

If that doesn't clean stuff up, I might try a defragment of the hard drive from Safe Mode. I would probably want to run Spybot Search & Destroy to make sure it isn't spyware clogging things up. You can get it through the link in mjc's thread here:


While there, you may also want to get Startup List and Hijack This, run them and post the log here to see if there is anything running background that could be the problem.

If none of these things work, post back for more ideas. It might be helpful to provide more details about your system to give us more to work with.

02-05-2003, 12:38 AM
The first thing I would do is to go into OE and clean out all the old uneeded emails, especially any that have attachments of pictures. Then under one of the options, compact all folders.

The go to Internet Options (either from the control panel or IE) and then delete the Temporary Internet Files.

Then empty the recycle bin.

Then reboot into Safe Mode (hit f8 while booting to bring up the menu) and defrag.