View Full Version : xp virtual memory?

02-05-2003, 01:27 AM
man recently my computer has been having probs (see specs in my sig, its the intel celeron pc). its usually be VERY stable and pretty dern quick but recently its been kinda locking up to the point where i just have to power off and back on again. i've been having "low virtual memory" at times. also on a fresh reboot its been pretty slow too. i've run scandisk several times and that helps for about 24 hours. can anyone give me any ideas? thanks


02-05-2003, 11:44 AM
How much free space is available on your hard drive?
If it's low, then delete unnecessary files and programs, especially those in the Temp and Temporary Internet Files folders.

Also, make sure that Windows is managing your virtual memory, and shut down unnecessary programs to free up some memory to possibly prevent virtual memory from becoming active.
Actually, your system should have at least 512MB of RAM to keep virtual memory from activating, as Win XP is a memory hog.

david eaton
02-05-2003, 03:30 PM
JJoel, are you running an anti-virus program? How long since you checked for spyware/trojans/malware generally? I suggest that you D/L a copy of spybot S&D, to see if there are any "nasties" lurking in there. See MJC's thread HERE (http://www.pcguide.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15179) for the link.