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02-06-2003, 10:40 AM
I am using a IBM laptop. In my company, i had to log on to the given password and the specifed domain. Recently, i do some editing of the network configuration. (i turn off the domain and specifed a workgroup to it) After configuring, i restart the PC, and was prompt to log in. This time there is no domain for me to choose(as what i had configure). But i can't log in any more with the old username and password. I did not change the password. I had contact the administrator and they tried logging in with their password and it does not work.
How am i going to log in without formatting the pc.

02-06-2003, 11:49 AM
Well seems yours won't work there's won't either and you didn't loose the password or change it?
You can try down loading this demo and maybe just maybe you might beable to get in but????


Other than that your going to be reformating?