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02-09-2003, 11:56 PM
Ok Ive been having a problem with what i think is the power supply but iam not positive. First I had a problem with over heating. I added a couple fans and it seemed to fix the problem until recently. Ok before i get into anything heres what my computer is like. 2 fans, a slot fan and a fan in the front. cdrw drive, dvd drive, floppy drive, hdd, amd athlon 1.5 cpu, 256 mb ddr memory running Windows 98 SE. alright After i added the fans it seemed to be running fine, then it started to freeze like it was overheating about 30 min after turning it on, no matter what i was doing. I would restart and it would freeze shortly after windows loaded. then it would freeze during booting. I would let it sit for how ever long and try to restart it. I would turn it on then turn the monitor on and the monitor would just go to sleep and i couldnt get it to stay on. It would keep doing this everytime i restarted the computer. I looked and noticed that the fan in the power supply wasnt working so i decided that it might be that. I bought a 300 watt power supply and hooked it up. It worked fine for a day or so and it started doing the same exact things. I thought maybe that i needed a bigger power supply. I opened the side panel and unplugged the fans and the dvd drive to see if it would freeze still(it was pretty cold in my room, the cpu temp was about 65 F when i started it up. It ran perfect for about 4 hours. I went out and came back and i tried turning it on again about 5 hours after i had shut it off, it was still cold in the room. It froze during bootup. Then i restarted and my monitor would do the thing where it would go to sleep and i couldnt get it on. Sometimes, not everytime the computer says(iam not sure i cant really understand it) something like .......is installed improporly...discharge...battery. I have no idea. Does anybody have any suggestions?

02-10-2003, 12:35 AM
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It doesn't sound like a power supply problem given that you installed another power supply and it seemed to work for a while. The previous power supply was clearly a problem with a broken fan.

I am wondering if you did some damage to one or more components with the overheating. How hot did it get? If you sustained high temps for a long time and especially if the power supply fan wasn't working for a long time, you may have damaged components on the motherboard, the CPU might be failing, your RAM may be fried, your PCI/AGP cards may be impaired and your drives may be on their way out. In other words, just about anything could be bad.

Bad RAM is probably one of the most likely problems.

It certainly sounds like your CMOS battery needs to be replaced. If you have room, you may want to look at putting in at least one more fan, slot fans are not reputed to provide much cooling.

If this computer is under warranty, contact the maker.

If it isn't under warranty, you will probably need to figure out what is going on by process of elimination. Disconnect everything except the basics: mobo, CPU, power, CPU fan, video, 1 stick RAM, keyboard and speaker. Test to see if if boots consistently with this. If it does, add the floppy and do the same test. Add components until it fails and you will have the problem narrowed down.

Post back with details of your system and any testing you have done so we can give you more ideas.

02-10-2003, 12:42 PM
could it possibly be the video card?

02-10-2003, 01:33 PM
Wouldn't be the first thing I would think of, but might as well check. If you have onboard video, you can simply remove the video card and try the default. If you don't, see if you can borrow a video card from another system and try it. If it works fine with another card or with onboard video, then yes, it was the video card....