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02-10-2003, 01:05 AM
Crimminy sakes, been so long since I was here, I nearly forgot my username:eek:
Anyway, got a new build;
Asus P4B533-E mobo
Intel 2.4 CPU.
1 Gig (2x512) 2100 DDR RAM
Lighton CD-RW
Creative CD-R
WD 80Gig HDD.
Not sure on brand but Vid card is capable of splitting to 4 (or more) monitors.

Hard drive is from an older machine (put that in a couple months ago until customer got the rest of his parts for this machine) and had 2000Pro installed. Installed same 2000Pro over the top letting it reformat. Went thru entire install with no hangups. On first full restart, it gets almost completely loaded (indicator bar at bottom is completely filled) and then hangs. It's almost like a system freeze. You can see the gradiant bar along the bottom of 2000 logo stop moving from left to right.
Tried a repair but no joy:(

Anyone have any ideas on why 2000 would hang on startup???

02-10-2003, 09:50 AM
Hey welcome Back :D if you can get to safemode?

Start > Run sfc /scannow

Also this

Start > Run chkdsk /f

and then

run defrag.

Also hows the Ramm? new/old? This wouldn't necessarily be related to a software prob.but more of a timing one (hardware)
Whats in the startup folder?

Whats in the event viewer?
Will it load into safemode?
Have you removed any PCI devices, checked the power
settings in the BIOS and still have the same problem?

Not many answers but a lot of questions Sorry but you know the routine :D

02-10-2003, 11:07 AM
Hello Yoda,
Yes I remember the routine:D ;) I need to give up my day job and get back to computers.
I will have the machine in my shop tonight and try your safemode suggestions.
It is locking up like a timing issue but I went thru the install with no problems.
RAMM is new Crucial and I get a single beep on startup.

Curious thing, in the mobo book it talks about the "JEN" jumpers. You use this to either go jumper free mode or jumpered and set frequencies with DIP switches. In one line it tells me "Pins 2&3 are jumpered mode", in another it says "Pins2&3 are jumper free mode."
Would bad CPU settings allow me to go thru install then cause a hangup on complete restart?

Thanks and I will be able to respond to questions better tonight.

02-10-2003, 11:43 AM
"Jen Jumpers" on that are for overclocking..I really don't think your problem lyies in Hardware but anything is possable/I'm sure your manual has all this?????Another thing I saw with this board it say's they shipped it with one Bios BUT they suggest you go to an updated?? or newer version I'm kind of confused on this?? What else is new with me?

CPU Core: Bus Frequency Multiple (DSW2 Switches 1-4)
This frequency sets the frequency multiple between the CPU internal and external frequencies. This must be set in conjunction with the CPU Bus Frequency.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the JEN jumper is set to jumper mode before setting the above switches

CPU External Frequency Selection (DSW1 Switches 1-5)
This option tells the clock generator which frequency to send the CPU. This allows the selection of the CPU's external frequency (or Bus Clock). The Bus Clock multiplied by the Frequency Multiple equals the CPU's internal frequency (the advertised CPU speed).

CPU/AGP/PCI frequency selection (DSW1 Settings)

100 66 33 [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [OFF] [OFF] [ON]
105 70 35 [ON] [ON] [OFF] [OFF] [OFF] [ON]
107 71 35 [OFF] [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [OFF] [ON]
109 72 36 [ON] [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [OFF] [ON]
114 76 38 [ON] [ON] [ON] [OFF] [OFF] [ON]
117 78 39 [OFF] [OFF] [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [ON]
120 80 40 [ON] [OFF] [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [ON]
127 84 42 [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [ON]
130 86 43 [ON] [ON] [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [ON]
170 56 28 [ON] [OFF] [ON] [ON] [OFF] [OFF]
190 63 31 [ON] [ON] [ON] [ON] [OFF] [OFF]
133 66 33 [OFF] [OFF] [OFF] [OFF] [ON] [OFF]
120 60 30 [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [OFF] [ON] [OFF]
125 62 31 [ON] [ON] [OFF] [OFF] [ON] [OFF]
137 68 34 [ON] [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [ON] [OFF]
200 66 33 [OFF] [ON] [ON] [OFF] [ON] [OFF]
141 70 35 [ON] [ON] [ON] [OFF] [ON] [OFF]
143 71 35 [OFF] [OFF] [OFF] [ON] [ON] [OFF]
145 72 36 [ON] [OFF] [OFF] [ON] [ON] [OFF]
150 75 37 [OFF] [ON] [OFF] [ON] [ON] [OFF]
155 77 38 [ON] [ON] [OFF] [ON] [ON] [OFF]
160 80 40 [OFF][OFF] [ON] [ON] [ON] [OFF]
170 85 42 [ON] [OFF] [ON] [ON] [ON] [OFF]
166 66 33 [OFF] [ON] [ON] [ON] [ON] [OFF]
200 100 50 [ON] [ON] [ON] [ON] [ON] [OFF]

02-11-2003, 06:09 PM
OK, system will boot into Safe Mode but sfc /scannow did not seem to produce any results.?.
I was unable to run checkdisk as it said another process was running. Maybe I need to let sfc run it's course. Nothing came on screen to indicate anything was happening.
I have also done the following:
Complete partiton, format, and install. Exact same results.
In BIOS, disable RAID.
In BIOS, enable PCI-VGA.
Look thru MS-KB for anything resembling my problem.
Look thru Asus forums for this mobo. Lots with very similar nomanclature, but not exact.

So far, no reasonable explination for this.

02-11-2003, 06:57 PM
seems you have done a format and reinstall can't really say software prob. definatly a setting here somewhere?? I'm still scratching my head though. Haven't jumped ship...

02-11-2003, 06:58 PM
Seeing that you tried a re-install, I'm thinking maybe hardware problem. Does everything look good in Device Manager?

Have you checked "Event Viewer" while in safe mode? Am I correct that it will boot in safe mode? (ok..I see it will)

Have you checked the boot log while in safe mode? (Ntbtlog.txt) It can give you a list of the drivers that don't load at startup.

Just some maybees, or mightbees...:)