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02-14-2003, 09:10 AM
Using NT file system
I am the Administrator
My problem is this>> I go through the normal shut down sequence.
My win2000pro will go through its normal procedure of shutting down >
Saving settings et cetra. It will shut down completely including the monitor. But the power is still on, system fan and of course the Led Power light is on, so the power is not completely shut off.
I went into Safe Mode and tried to shut down from that point, the shut down sequence was completed throughly with no problems.
There must be a corrupted file not shutting down one or two of my devices. I also went through the task manger to see if any applications were still running. There were no applications registered that were running. If it shuts down in safe mode, is there some way of trouble shooting from this area? I believe if I good check the Boot log file and note the services that were disabled under Safe Mode, then in normal mode shut down one at a time, then shut down to see if the system works properly? After the problem driver or service is identified, if the file is corrupted then reinstall or look for an update. But how do I check the boot log file. Or is there any other suggestions??

02-14-2003, 10:52 AM
Check here for a possible solution:

02-15-2003, 07:33 PM
I went through all the necessary scenarios that the excellent site as to where you directed me.
This is the story>
In safe mode I completed a comparison of all the Ntbt.exe Log files and services.
I then tempted to shut down in safe mode > all went well and all went well with the restart PC in safe mode.
In normal mode everything shuts down except the power completely does not shut off and when in normal mode my PC will not restart Automatically via the restart system on the close down of your PC.
I then compared the Ntbt.exe Sevices and files with Safe mode and Normal mode they are all identical.
I then check the drivers for assigned and not assigned, or third party drivers, that may have been augumented through some device or downloaded file.
I notice that I have to drives that were modified 14 Fed,2003
So I temp disabled these 2 drives and my PC did a complete shutdown.
But I also when I restarted notice a error message on my desktop or one of the error flags that something could not be assigned. I ignored it and tried everything in normal operation, all went well. so I reassigned the 2 drivers that were modified back to the system.
And then shut down again in normal mode and it failed to completely shutdown. But back into the safe mode and viewed the same drivers and they also related thier modification 14 Fed 2003. And then I shut down in safe mode all went well.
Do you think that I would have to do another complete install with my 2000Pro, ?? Sorry for this lengthy question, >>>

02-15-2003, 07:48 PM
It sounds more like you need to get an updated driver for the chipset/mother board .

Unless you already did an update to these drivers.
In that case maybe a step backwards is in order.
Remove the new drivers and reinstall the older version

02-15-2003, 07:49 PM
Ok, there is something that is running in normal mode that isn't running in Safe Mode that the driver updates do not work well with.

Try disabling all the background programs that run in normal mode (you already checked that the services match, so for now we can ignore the services). Any program that is in the background that is not running as service.

Also what drivers are causing the problem?

Have you tried to go back to the previous version?

02-16-2003, 04:57 PM
OK Thanks for all the support.

The type of drivers, inwhich there are 2 that has thier properties both reiterating that they were created Sep. 05 2002. And the same 2 have thier properties saying they have been modified, 13 Feb 2003. This is in both cases example Safe Mode and Normal mode.
The 2 drivers are: cdr4_2K. sys and cdrralw 2K. sys, it seems that they are both supporting my CDR drive; correct me if I am wrong.
Thier description: cdr4_2K CDR Helper
Other one is : cdral For windows 2000 kernel driver.

Now I proceded to verify if I deleted either one separately. This was to try my shut down in normal mode, and to see what would happen.
It seems that either one deleted would shut down completely my PC.
And I would receive a flag when I restarted my PC that said >>
Application could not initialize, and there was a I believe a Hex number showing me where in memory this fault was addressed at.
But once I reinstalled them my PC would not throughly shut down.
And I of course did not receive any message on my desk top telling me of an application fault. So I will now proceed to uninstall various programs, one at a time to see if they would be associated with the 2 drives, that were in conflict to each other. As to how to get or obtain the original drives, before they were modified, would be like looking for Iraqs mass destruction weapons. The other possibility would be my Win2000P OS re install. Thank you

02-16-2003, 07:39 PM
Hello MJC

Another comment as toward my problem, this will ad lib to your suggestion of eliminating various programs and then try shuting down after each one.
Since the two drivers seem to be related to a CDR I believe, I uninstalled the CD Recording Software for Win95/98/2000 and NT 4.0
The software is [CD Recording software Adaptec>> Easy CD Creator v4.02c
DirectCD v3.01c] After I Uninstalled everything except the shared files
that this software uses, the shut down was completed successfully, with no problems. Now the question is Why? It must be the 2 related drivers
that were modified through a possible download.
Because I had installed this software many months ago and never had this problem. I now wonder if I were to reinstall the adaptec cd recording software, would this overide the 2 modified drivers that i assume were associated with the problem?