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02-21-2003, 06:06 PM
Some nice geeks set me up with a dual-boot with Win 98 and Win Pro 2000 as the default. Both OS's are corrupted. We suspected a hardware problem and fixed it but now I'm left with two corrupted OS's. I want to reinstall a clean version of Win Pro 2000 and ditch the corrupted OS's entirely - no more dual-boot. How do I do it?

Never installed or uninstalled anything. Reformating? Clueless. I know that 2000 is on the c: drive and suspect 98 may be too. It's using FAT32 so when reinstalling should I use NTSF? No media or personal files on the PC so I want to ditch both OS's completely, saving nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

02-21-2003, 06:41 PM
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To reformat you can use a Win98 Startup floppy disk or any number of other programs. The Startup disk is usually the easiest. You can download one from www.bootdisk.com if you don't have one handy. You boot with the disk in the A: drive and usually it will set up a RAMdisk called D:. You go to D: and type fdisk then hit Enter. It will take you to a program that will let you set up or take down partitions on your drive. Since you have 2 Windoze versions, you probably have at least 2 partitions. You remove these, decide how many you want and create them. You then leave fdisk and at the D: type format with the name of the disk. For example D:>format C: and it will ask you if you are ok with losing all the data on C:. You say yes and go take a break while it formats. Repeat for each partition.

To install Win2K, I believe you can set BIOS to boot to CD first and just reboot with the CD in the drive. It will then give you options to install. If this doesn't work, use your Win98 Startup disk again and select to boot with CD support. Put your Win2K disk in the drive and type the name of the drive, it will tell you as it finishes booting what that is. Hit enter and you should be at the prompt for that drive. Type setup (or install, I forget which) and it should start the install program.

I may have forgotten some details, so check this site for more info:


Paul Komski
02-21-2003, 09:23 PM
You won't be able to install Win2K on a formatted harddrive from a Win9x startup floppy - you need the four Win2K boot floppies for that. They can be created by inserting the first blank floppy and then the Win2K install disk into the CDROM. Then enter x:\bootdisk\Makeboot.exe a: in the run box, where x is the CDROM drive - and follow the instructions. Maybe good to have these for later in case you need them.

You can also get further (though not great) information on setup options from the Win2K Help files under "booting, Setup".

Just try inserting the 2K install disk and choose New (not upgrade). On the second or third screen choose Advanced and then choose to select where to install to. Read all the windows carefully before choosing options. The PC will reboot after copying files and you should be presented with options to select/delete partitions. Delete the one(s) you want gone and thereafter select the space (and size) of the partition you want to put the new install onto. Suggest starting with FAT because its easier to convert to NTFS than the other way round.