View Full Version : Needing network admin's advice

02-25-2003, 10:58 PM
First of all this looks like an awesome site full of good message boards. I have set a long term goal of becoming a network administrator. I'm currently a hardware technician in a huge office environment. I chose to start my career at the "physical" level. I currently have A+ and Net+ certs and all of the oem certs to do warranty repair. Their are quite a few different areas of support within the company I work for. I expressed my interest in moving to a help desk postition to gain more experience. I do fear this help desk postion may end up being more like a "dispatch" position because of all of the different areas of support. I'm just looking for some advice. What would be a great experience? What would look great on a resume? Anything I should avoid (waste of time)? Currently pursuing an MCP cert for Windows 2000. The environment I work in is almost entirely 2000 Pro. A little bit of Unix and some mainframe (?) stuff as well. Also, I do not have a degree. Only about 30 credit hrs at the community college for computer repair. I realize this isn't a career board but most people on those boards aren't working:)

02-26-2003, 04:48 PM
The certs are great, but...........

If you can, focus on a degree (at least an AA from a community college). That has been my biggest stumbling block.

Help desk position is a great way to learn good troubleshooting skills while boosting up your resume.