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03-06-2003, 12:09 PM
i've been reading some older posts on worms and viruses...and, of course, a person should be making back up disks for just in case.. and its something i've been meaning to do and now i think i will, and i just realized i have no idea of how to go about it and would like any advice on that topic..... what do i need to back up besides any personal files.... is there any specific procedure i should consider when doing it..... any hints or advice would be appreciated...
oh...and.... i had to reinstall 98, long story why....but it made me think of one other thing...
whenever i've had to reinstall an OS, i lose book marks, desktop prefs etc....is there any way to back them up or put them on another drive to save them?

03-06-2003, 03:45 PM
There are 2 main ways to backup. One is to get a media type that can hold everything and back up a complete copy of your system. This makes it very easy to reinstall if the system should fail, but of course it is more effort and it backs up whatever problems you have at the time.

The second is to selectively back up and this can usually be done on CDRs or CDRWs. I back up document files, downloads, some games, saved scans, any accounting info saved, emails, bookmarks, and anything else I can think of that I can't just reinstall. To back up emails and bookmarks, I just copy the User folders in Netscape, but the process is a little more complicated if you use IE and OE or Outlook. I am not sure how it goes in Opera or Mozilla or the other browsers.

You can schedule your system to do backups automatically, but that means the computer needs to be on and media loaded when it is time to go.

Also, there is a program that will allow you to back up drivers, but I don't have the link because I am at work. If someone hasn't already given it to you, I will try to post it when I get home.

Paul Komski
03-06-2003, 09:48 PM
If you have important data that you cant replace (or will be a real bind to find again) then it is essential to back it up on removable media.

Consider keeping all such data on a separate partition on your HDD to help facilitate this.

Individual files and folders can by backed up by simple copying or by using backup or imaging software. One of the advantages of the latter types is that it is all kept on a single file and makes it easier to keep track of the "backup file" or image.

You can also backup your whole HDD or individual partitions by using software such as Norton's Ghost or Power Quest's Drive Image. Such Image files may be relatively large but can easily and quickly allow the reinstatement of your whole drive/partition to the time when the image was made, without a full reinstallation of the OS etc etc.