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03-07-2003, 09:39 AM
In a recent thread Paul brought up an interesting question regarding WinXP:

Once activated on one pc, you would have to get a new activation number from microsoft to run it on another pc and presumably prove that it was removed from the former pc. Anyone have any experience of getting Micorosoft's permission for this - or is it a NO NO.

If you build a new system and uninstall XP from the old, can you activate again on your new machine?

03-07-2003, 10:01 AM
EULA goes so far to say that if you sell your computer just as long as you uninstall all the software you can still use it on your new computer.

You own a license to install the software on one machine...that license is not limited to one install, just one machine.You simply say you upgraded your machine that had XP on it before and you did a clean install. Now Windows is asking you for an activation code again and the previous one isn't accepted.if you change your hardware too much after activating XP then you'll have to call up to reactivate, but the number of pieces of hardware you need to change to trigger this is now six, and the change counter resets every 120 days. So you can, if you want to and you are a dishonest person, install WinXP on a new machine every 120 days. M$ isn't as tough as you might expect just be honest with them.Just don't take no for an answer.

03-07-2003, 10:13 AM

During product activation M$ compiles what they call a hardware hash.
The following 10 hardware characteristics are used to determine the hardware hash:

Display adapter
SCSI adapter
IDE adapter
Network adapter media access control address
RAM amount range (for example, 0-64MB or 64-128MB)
Processor type
Processor serial number
Hard disk device
Hard disk volume serial number

Each item is assigned 1 point, except for the network card, which is assigned 3 points. Seven items must remain the same to avoid reactivation.

In the case of an installation on a new machine, you need to contact M$ Activation Center and explain what you are doing. Once the OS is reactivated, a new hardware hash is developed and the old rule of "only one machine can be activated" comes once again into play.

EDIT: I just saw YODAs post. If they have changed it to 6 that would be good. Since my original XP install, I have changed the processor, ram, video card and added a second HDD. I haven't had any problems. :)