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03-12-2003, 12:01 AM
Aloha all,
Just picked up a couple machines at a yard sale. One has a bootup problem, so here is everything I can tell:

Windows 98 SE
PII 450
128 Mgb RAM (2x64)
ATI Rage 3D Vid
Not sure on the mobo (?Supra P6SBA ??)
Creative SoundBlaster 16

Goes thru POST fine.
comes to Windows splash screen and hangs
Hit Del and it shows; Searching for boot record from CDROM-not found, floppy-not found, IDE-OK, then the indefinite blinking curser.
If I try SafeMode, when the desktop should come, I get a continuous beep noise and strings of odd characters.
If I go thru step by step, when it gets to Load GUI, I say Yes and it hangs with the blinking curser.

I can function in DOS and see everything on C:, but can't figure out what to do from here.

Any help is much appriciated

03-12-2003, 12:49 AM
If you are using the software that was already installed on the computer, there could be any number of things wrong and this is probably why you got a deal on the thing. Did they also sell you the Windoze disk to go with it? If they did, I would wipe the drive and reinstall. You certainly can run Scandisk or other options from DOS to see if you can fix it, but chances are that you will have to start over.

Also, you might want to download and run the diagnostics on the hard drive from the maker of the drive to make sure it is ok.

03-12-2003, 01:13 AM
Thanks for the reply Budfred :cool:
While I was waiting, I decided to just go ahead and run setup from the supplied 98 SE disk, this hung at the preparing system stage and I do believe I have a dying HDD.
Yes, the deal was that both machines needed some work (she had no idea what was wrong) so I got a PII 450 and a PIII450 with good monitors, keyboards, and mice for $25.00.
PIII had a dead power supply. Put in the one from the PII and that one is great.
Good thing I am a good person, wiped out a WHOLE BUNCH of very personal files as we all should do ;)

Oh well, looks like the PII gets parted out the rest of the way.
Thanks again

03-12-2003, 01:37 AM
Just do a quick check in the BIOS, the drive parameters may be wrong.

Paul Komski
03-12-2003, 10:03 PM
Or .. try disconnecting the floppy and cd cables??

03-14-2003, 01:16 AM
Aloha and thanks to all who responded;)
Here is the current status;
In an effort to see if this HDD would even function, I put it into the other machine. Set parameters in BIOS, booted and accessed the drive.
Found a bunch of contact info for this persons business and decided to call to see if she needed it. I told her I was prepaired to wipe out the drive but if she needed this info it was still there. She had already writen it off as lost, so I now have a completely clean 6 gig HDD. After running ScanDisk, it found 54,000 bytes in bad sectors. I'm thinking corrupted OS.
Giving this machine to a friend for his mom (well, there is beer involved :D ) and he can do a fresh OS for her.

Thanks again