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03-15-2003, 05:12 AM
Hello, we're trying to setup a desktop running redhat 7.1 as a router between two windows machines on different subnets. I've got absolutely no idea how to do this under Linux. (This is for school by the way). Me and my group members were totally stumped at this. We are using the gui and found firewall configurations and a gatway configuration but it appeared that the gateway configuration was if the linux box was NOT the router. We'd like to do this in the gui, but whatever works will do. I've heard that we need to use the command "ipchains", or "iptables" but they're kind of confusing. Anyways, we just need a little push in the right direction instead of just randomply poking around with KDE. Any help would be most appreciated.


03-15-2003, 11:14 AM
THIS (http://www.linuxplanet.dk/article/articleview/127/1/50/) link has a .pdf download that looks pretty informative.

Hope it helps, at least a little...:)