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04-11-2003, 04:35 AM
I apologize for the length and verbosity of this post, I am quite puzzled by this problem and would like to provide as thorough an accounting of what I have already done as possible.
I have two computers, both running XP Pro, both with D-Link 520+ wireless card, and am trying to set up a network on them. for some reason, they will not talk to each other. well, actually, they talk to each other, but they won't network properly. Comp 1 has an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Mobo (with dual Lan ports), and a DSL connected to the 3-com Lan Port. Comp 2 has a P4S533 Mobo with onboard LAN, and no internet connection. I did the standard wizard, in the proscribed manner (host comp first, then client) to share the internet connection, but to no avail. I couldn't even ping either computer from the other, because the IP on Comp 2 wasn't being assigned-Comp 1 had been assigned, and comp 2 was stuck on one of the 168.x.x.x. I tried releasing the IP and renewing it, but it wouldn't renew. eventually I manually reassigned the IP on Comp 2 to Now, I can ping Comp 2 from Comp 1, but I can't ping Comp 1 from Comp 2. it comes back timed out. here's the funny part-when I ping Comp 1 from Comp 2, it receives the pings-when watching the Network status window on Comp 1, I can watch the bytes come rolling in, but Comp 1 refuses to talk back to Comp 2. now some history:
I used to have an Asus A7V266-E in Comp 1, only thing onboard was sound, so I had a 3-Com Lan card in it for the DSL connection, along with the DWL-520+ for wireless networking between the computers. Also, at that time, Comp 2 had Win ME. the network at taht time worked fine, including sharing and internet connection sharing. then I just HAD to go and screw it all up (in the name of technological advancement)-I got and installed the new A7N8X. suddenly, the network didn't work, even using the network wizard disk from XP pro on Comp 1 on Comp 2. I overlooked the fact that the motherboard change most likely was the culprit and just assumed it was ME screwing up. so we upgraded the ME to XP pro, and lo and behold, it still didn't work. that's when I did all the troubleshooting.
I am sadly a little lacking on knowledge of the networking side of hardware and software, but I tried to nevertheless do a thorough job of troubleshooting, and I beleive that somehow my new motherboard screwed it up. could it be the dual onboard LAN ports? I have all the latest drivers for the wireless, the motherboards, and the bios on both computers. Are there any compatability problems with my computer that I should watch for? anything else I should check for?

04-30-2003, 12:13 AM
Hello Orion,
Along with assigning static IPs, are you putting in the DNS Servers?
Do you have the default gateway as (default IP for your wireless access point) or whatever it is now?
Are you sure the channel is the same on both machines as the WAP?

I know it's been a while since I really dug into hardware, but I thought when you changed mobos, you needed a fresh install.

Let us know.

EDITIt occured to me after posting that your subject line said Ad-Hoc network. Are you using Ad-Hoc or infrastructure? You should be using infrastructure.

04-30-2003, 03:35 AM
well, we actually did solve the problem...Saphalline's Motherboard was damaged, apparently in shipping overseas, customs managed to tinker with some circuitry...anyways, we moved him a step back to an AMD system instead of P4 and reinstalled XP and suddenly everything worked fine! happy endings all around.
and a note, yes, I do mean Ad-Hoc network-I don't have enough money for the wireless router and so I need to do Ad-Hoc. it works fine now though, although I suppose it's not as secure...where I am, it shouldn't matter for now, although I did turn my firewalls back on once the network came back up.
So for now, we wait till Saphalline can buy one of the newer P4 Mobo's with Dual Channel DDR...so now we're waiting on paychecks...
Waiting for the future? Iwould say chasing it, and never Gaining! But then, I am a bit pessimistic.