View Full Version : ASUS MEB-VM Motherboard problems

08-29-2001, 10:07 PM
Asus Motherboard MEB-VM with Celeron 433
and 256 MBytes of ram, OS is Win98.
This motherboard has an onboard VGA port,
and I want to install a riser card to
increase overall performance in graphics.

I tried to install a Riva TNT2 Model 64
graphics accelerator card in the open
AGP slot. I went into Phoenix Bios 4.0
and set the VGA to AGP setting - no good.
I tried to install the software and drivers
for the card - no good, not detected.
I tried to disable the onboard VGA by
the VGA_EN jumper on motherboard, and then
rebooted hoping drivers would load - no good.

Any combinations of, or changing the order of
the processes involved - no good.
I have tried to contact ASUS support, I am
waiting to hear back from them.

Is their an answer to be had here?

Phil Johnson
Sr Eng Tech http://www.volterra.com

"Silicon Power Solutions - if you look at
the cpu voltage regulator switching module
IC's on some motherboards, thats us!"