View Full Version : What can I provide you as a Free Web Host that others cannot ?

08-30-2003, 06:53 PM

I want to be a free web-host who places no banners or popups on member pages.

This is what I want to provide :

* 10 MB web-space
* Ftp and Browser up-loading
* Cgi-bin
* Php MyAdmin
* 1 MB band-width

Is there anything else I should provide ?
How can I get lots of sign-ups ?
What can I provide so the big ones lose members to me ?

I have in mind to buy :

1800XP AMD, 333mhz FSB Mother-board, 256MB Ram, 40 Gigs Hard-space.

What mother-board should I buy with what chip-set ?
What Graphics card should I buy for 3D Gaming and Movie Clips up-loading ?
What sound card should I buy for Movie clips up-loading and hearing ?




08-30-2003, 08:11 PM
Moved this one to here because this is more ppropriately a networking question, rather than a hardware question....

Plu if you really are serious about this there are many things to consider...besides what you will offer.

Bandwidth costs are not cheap, so if you are going to provide free wbspace you will need to consider how it will be paid for.

You will also need to consider security, both physical (the location of the servers must be secure) and the software/webpages/etc of your customers.

This list is not exhaustive.....

08-30-2003, 10:26 PM
A lot of free hosts are now giving unlimited bandwidth, this means that it attracts more people and makes them more money.

Have a look at this free host.


They offer unlimited space as well. They also register the site with search engines. This is one of the places you should look at if your trying to get people to join you.


At the top of this page they provide a list to good free web site hosts, you should take a look. They also give you free advice on how to get extra traffic and how not to design a website.

Have you decided on whether the users would have a full website name for example "www.your_site.com" or a subdirectory website name for example "www.host_name.com/your_site/" and how will they get the files onto your server.

I would also recommend a 200GB hard drive this would give you more space and would let you host more webpages.

You may also want to restrict file sizes to something like 100 to 200KB just so that people don't just place clips to download on your hard drive.

Also when you get it up and running can you tell me. I'd like to see how good it is.

08-31-2003, 12:03 PM
Unless you are financially independent and have no other committments for your time, your biggest challenges will be figuring out how to (a) pay the bills and (b) provide technical support.

What sets a good webhost apart from the thousands of bad ones out there -- free or paid -- is support: administrative support for the hardware/software and personal support for clients. Unless you are a good system administrator well versed in security issues and procedures your hardware could easily be compromised within 24 hours (or less) of going online. And system security is not a one-time thing; it's an ongoing job.

What operating system, webserver and FTP server do you plan to run? What other (software) servers do you plan to run?

09-01-2003, 11:47 AM
The best you can hope for is to host your buddies web sities for them. Competing with the "big ones" won't be possible for a one man operation.
The big ones have lots of things( software and hardware) you proably have never heard of (me either for that matter :D ).

Anyway, don't worry about the hardware used to host your web server. You should only worry about hard drive space, memory, and bandwidth of your ISP connection. The more you have of these 3 elements the better for you and your customers. Also the web server should do only that, web serving, and nothing else.

The next thing to look at is what type of webserver do you wish to run. There are really only 2 , IIS for Windows and Apache for Linux, both of which have different configuration concerns and security issuses. (IIS comes with Windows 2000/XP and Apache comes with Linux, so there is no need to buy anything extra)

If you have no experince using either of these products you might want to pick up a book or two on the one you choose to run, get the software and play with them first. Also take a look at security guilds for both of them, so you can get an idea of how to go about securing your server.
(There are many webserver security guilds on the web just do a Goolge search for Apache or IIS security and you should have plenty of reading material for awhile :) )

EDIT One last thing don't forget a backup solution. Your customers will not be pleased if your server crashes and takes their web sites with it :)

Disaster recovery planning is a very big part of running an internet service, even if it is free, so again do some research on disaster recovery.

Good Luck :)