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10-15-2003, 04:00 PM
I recently bought GTA-3 and it was quite good.
I have heard about GTA-Vice City.
Is it released before GTA-3 or after it?
Is it GTA-4?

10-16-2003, 03:28 AM
yea, GTA 4 = GTA Vice-city, released after GTA 3...obviously ! :rolleyes: :D

Its superb. If you enjoyed playing GTA 3, you will fall in love with GTA 4.

11-09-2003, 01:14 PM
I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there like me that hates these games....
Well i know there are plenty that do, but all I ever hear is that they don't like the violence towards cops and such. That aspect I really don't mind, because I understand the seperation between game and reality. My problems with those 2 games is the gameplay itself. The weapons aiming and character movement leave me wanting for a whole lot more. Some people I talk to argue with me on this but I feel that the game would be alot better if they had incorporated a 1st person mode.

Sorry to rant, just hoping I'm not alone here.


11-16-2003, 01:12 PM
I agree with you Catuela. I played Tomb Raider before and liked its character movement.Nevertheless, overall, these games r gr8.

btw, now that i have bought GTA Vice City (on 2CDs), i m having problems running it.
System aparantly freezes when i try to play a new game. it freezes on a black screen with "...... Briston 1986...." like words written on the lower right corner.
Then i have to hit the Reset switch.:(

I have a Celeron 2GH system with Intel Extreme Graphics-2 onboard controller.
And 256MB system RAM.
80G HDD.

11-21-2003, 01:16 AM
GTA vice for the PS2 and Xbox is kinda lame since you aim with a controller. But on the PC no problemo, plus its very nice ;) and of course I'm talking about the graphic.

I notice you've the Intel Xtreme Graphic, that's your problem, I wouln't want to run Vice with anything less than a Radeon9000. And that 256mb ram, is it SD ram or DDR? If its SD, I suggest you get more.

12-03-2003, 02:06 PM
Deagle, though my system specs are not great but i think they should be sufficient enough for atleast "Launching the game".
Perfomance is a separate isuue.
GTA-3 ran (Infact crept) at my puny Celeron-333 MHz system.
This system: Celeron-2GHz with dedicated 16MB vid RAM and an additional 48MB as dynamic memory available for vid apps is far bette than that.
It should atleast launch.

12-03-2003, 09:06 PM
Akif, don't get me wrong, I didn't say it won't run(launch), what I meant was that it won't run as well as it should. If you satisfied with the game play then by all mean enjoy it. I have no comment on that.

12-03-2003, 10:45 PM
Well Deagle, u again missed the problem i m having.:o :)

In an above post i have told that i could not run the game.
It hangs when i click on "New Game"; just something like "Bristole City...." appears on the lower right corner of the screen and the system freezes there.

If u or anyone else in this forum has any clue to this, it will be appreciated.

To tell something more, i had Win98 previously and now have WinME. The problem continues as before.

03-17-2004, 06:58 AM
I have exhausted my efforts but still no solution is found for this problem.

If anyone on this forum can do me a favour, i'll be really grateful.
As i mentioned earlier, this game (GTA Vice City) hangs as i load a new game; if anyone could provide me a saved game, i'll try loading it. May be i could load the game this way.:cool:

My mail address is:


03-17-2004, 03:57 PM
I don't know that I would run WinME on a modern 2GHz PC, but if you have no other choice...

Most PC gaming problems like the one you describe are caused by old/improper drivers. Go to Intel's website and DL the latest chipset drivers for Win9x/ME. Extreme Graphics 2... that's like the i865G chipset, right? You can get lots of updated drivers from Intel - chipset, video, and audio. Unless you're using a separate PCI sound card.

Try the drivers, if those don't work, it's another problem.

03-18-2004, 02:31 PM
i really meant when i said "I have exhausted my efforts..."
i have dual boot (WinME & WinXP-2004 release)
plus, THE LATEST drivers for every thing
plus, THE LATEST BIOS update.
everything is LATEST.

If u can provide a saved game, it might help

03-18-2004, 05:54 PM
Hey Akif,

I've got saved games for GTA-3 Vice city just tell me what you need me to do and I will send them to you..


EDIT: I just saw your email I'll send them to you now..

03-18-2004, 07:37 PM
Ok, so software is covered. What about hardware? If it's not one, it's the other. My next place to check for problems would be inside the case. Make sure it's not a heat-related problem, or a loose connection, or a dust-clogged heatsink, or even a broken mobo.

Do you have any other games that work?

03-18-2004, 09:28 PM
thnx Jason
I m going home today, so i'll check these games (saved ones)

i don't have problems in running any other game except this one.
to tell a little more, i have tried installing from different CDs.
The game hangs EXACTLY at the same point every time;
i.e., at the intro movie when i click "New Game".

I'll try to load saved games provided by Jason and reply afterwards.

03-18-2004, 11:31 PM
Same place every time... all the latest drivers and BIOS... other games work fine... PC otherwise works fine... no hardware problems...

I'd say your copy of the game CD's themselves are corrupt! :eek: One little corrupt file is all it would take. I've been through that myself, even tho it's quite rare.

I always get the rare problems. :rolleyes:

03-19-2004, 03:03 PM
It worked!!!
Thanx Jason.
your saved games load perfectly.
One last favor: if u can provide a saved game that is saved just at the begining of a "New game", i'll be grateful.:)
I want to make sure i don't miss much of the story.

I also suspected the same when it froze a couple of times right at the same point. So i brought CDs from one of my friends (It was working fine on his pc) and installed from there. But the game stopped exactly at the same point.:confused:
I didn't gave up; I brought another CD. This was the compressed version of GTA-VC . Again, exactly the same point where the game hanged.
Even now, I can load saved games but can't start a "New Game"

Anyway, now i think i shouldn't bother about it much; as i can atleast play this game. But the confusion hasn't resolved.

03-19-2004, 06:40 PM
Sure Akif I can provide you with that one. Just give me a couple of days.


03-20-2004, 12:41 PM
its not working.
The saved games load okay, BUT, whenever the character goes to take some mission (assignment), the game hangs there at the small (introductory) video clip.
So i can wander in Vice City without any mission.:(

I played GTA 3 with no problems at all.
All its videos loaded without any such issue.
It might be that the format of these videos in GTA VC is different from GTA 3... or what?

In WinXP, following is the error message that is displayed after a few seconds of the game freeze.

D:\Documents and Settings\Akif\My Documents\My Pictures\error msg.bmp
( I don;t know how to put the image)

Anyhow, this is the statement of the error message:

"Microsoft Windows detected and recovered from a device failure. Please save your work and reboot to restore full functionality."

And the screen resolution goes to 680x400; and Color quality goes down to 4bit only.
Then i have to restart to get everything right again.

03-20-2004, 05:22 PM
You know I thought that was going to happen.. Have you been to GTA's Vice City website?

Not sure if you answered this or not? Does your video card have 32 MB with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers?

Minimum Hardware:
800 MHz Intel Pentium III or 800 MHz AMD Athlon or 1.2GHz Intel Celeron or 1.2 GHz AMD Duron processor
128 MB of RAM
8 speed CD / DVD drive
915 MB of free hard disk space
(+ 635 MB if video card does NOT support DirectX Texture Compression)
32 MB video card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers ("GeForce" or better)
Sound Card with DirectX 9.0 compatible drivers Keyboard & Mouse


03-22-2004, 07:54 AM
I have no add on video card.
Its "Intel Extreme Graphics 2" controller on the board with 16MB dedicated RAM extendable to 64MB (dynamic allocation)

But this can't be the problem,
because, one of my friends is p;aying this game with "Intel Extreme Graphics 1" (Intel 845G)

03-23-2004, 12:08 AM
Ok, going in a different direction, have you done a thorough scan of your hard drive lately? Maybe it's a bad sector or something. Another idea, perhaps the copy protection is causing you problems - what optical drive do you have? Is it a good one? I also noticed in your failed image tag that your Documents and Settings folder is on your D: drive. That could be confusing the game (doubtful).

As you can see, I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

03-23-2004, 01:01 PM
Bad sector:
I don't think so; because i have installed this game almost 3 or four times; and most of the times, after a clean install of Windows.

Optical Drive:
I have 52X (brand: BENQ)
But i have tried it two ways: First in the usual way (where it asks for CD#2); and second using Virtual CDROM software. i.e., by copying the image of CD#2. The imaging of CD#2 went smoothly and successfully.

This time, i installed it in WinXP (D:drive).
However, previously i installed it in WinME (in the C: drive)
The problems remains EXACTLY the same whatever i do.
So there is no such problem of saved games bieng in D:.....

I also contacted Intel for it and they suggested some memory speed settings in the BIOS. But it didn't help either.:(
Personally, I suspect something going wrong in the built-in Graphics adapter (865G).

I am not irritated because i can't play this game. Most of my frustratin lies in the question: "WHY IT DOES NOT RUN ON MY PC?"

03-23-2004, 08:44 PM
Just so that I am on the same page with you.....

You can play the game(using my saved games) but it crashes whenever the "Cut-sceens" are shown? This may help to isolate the problem(s)


03-24-2004, 12:14 AM

I just read a readme file today for a game and it talked about having the latest version of Quicktime installed on your computer in order to fix movie problems. Could that be it? Do you just need updated movie codecs?

03-24-2004, 01:41 AM
Yea saphalline I think you are on to something. I remember reading somewhere that GTA:Vice City's cut-scenes could be viewed outside of the game. I'll try and see if I can find that website.


04-02-2004, 04:50 PM
I have just installed Quicktime player v6.5.
But the problem doesn't resolve.:(
btw, where are these cut scenes located?

04-04-2004, 03:16 PM
Jason1971 and anyone else who can help.

I too am have a very similar issue as akif except the game hangs (only the video, the sound keeps playing) when I try to do the "Save Lance" mission. After I get in the car (after the cutscene) and start driving it freezes. I'm also on the RC heli mission (A real PITA!) which I can attempt with no troubles at all. The patch from Rockstar didn't fix it and my machine is brand new with the latest drivers for everything.

Here's my machine:

P4 2.8 800mhz fsb 1mb cache
Asus p4p800 mobo (Intel 865 chipset)
512mb ddr RAM
GeForce FX5200 128mb vid card

If you could email me a saved game, if you have them, with the "Save Lance" mission completed I'd greatly appreciate it. I wouldn't mind jumping past the RC heli mission either!

Thanks in advance.

04-21-2004, 10:15 PM
Thanx God,
My problem is now resolved COMPLETELY.
The most recent drivers for my Intel Extreme Graphics adapter solved the problem.
Now i can play this game without any heck at all.

dst , i have just started playing this game; so if u can wait i will provide u the saved games u r asking after i reach there in the game. Meanwhile. try something/someone else.

07-05-2006, 03:10 PM
I Am Having Problems While Loading A Saved Game ..

In Gta 3 ( Liberty City )

After I Played For A While And
Later I Saved It ...

If I Try To Reopen Or Load The
Saved Game ...

My Pc Stalls Nothing Else Happens

Can Ne1 Help Me Why This Hapens

07-12-2006, 03:05 PM
gri19, Please give details of your system specs and OS .

07-12-2006, 03:56 PM
And start a new thread...