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02-24-2004, 04:05 PM

I have a system with win xp home edition as OS. my system has 2 partitions in which the 2nd partition is recovery partition. Now I want to uninstall the win xp home edition and want to intall win 2000.

1. If i want to uninstall the win xp then what happens to recovery
partition ?

2. Is there any option to divide the total hard drive into paritions while installing win 2000 ?

3. suppose, i divided the hard disk into 2 partitions, then is it possible to copy the OS( what i installed) into the second partition as recovery partition ? If yes, pl. explain me the step by step procedure to how to do it ?

4. How can I copy the Win 2000 OS CD to a CD and Hard disk to CD? Is it possible ?

pl. give me the details