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02-28-2004, 12:43 PM
Aloha All:cool:
System specs first:
Intel Celeron 750
384 Mb PC133 RAM
XP Pro (SP1 and other updates)
1 HDD with 2 partitions (C:, D: )
Zip 100

Installed MS Combat Flight Sim3. Game requires disk1 be in to run
When I try to play the game a dialog box comes up telling me "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR1".
I thought this was a problem with the game disk and have been on the phone several times with MS with no joy!
This morning I tried to play a quicktime movie and got the same response.

What I have tried:
Complete removal and reinstall. No joy.
Format and fresh install of OS (needed to anyway) then install game again. No joy.
Install to different directory. No joy.
This install of Quicktime is fresh due to reinstall of OS.
After several clicks on either "Cancel", "Try again", or "Continue" the game or movie will start anyway.
Something else I just noticed, when starting a "Quicktime" movie, it alternates between "\Device\Harddisk1\DR1" and "Drive F" (my first CD drive). It takes about 20 clicks and the movie will come up, then another 10 clicks for the dialog box to go away. With the game it takes about 5 clicks for the whole process.

Any takers???


02-28-2004, 01:41 PM

Did you intend to post a duplicate thread??? :confused: :confused:

This is the more active one: