View Full Version : Help Booting a Digital Venturis 560!!

03-08-2004, 08:31 AM
Recently a friend gave me his old Digital Venturis 560 to play around with i wanted to install win 98 onto it i put my 98 boot disk into it and Fdisked and formatted the hard drive, after restarting it will not boot from the 98 disk it reads the disk and says "Missing Operating System" i also dont have/(or they were wiped) CDROM drivers installed so i cant just boot from the CD i have tried Numerous boot disks but all that happends is they read the disk and say "Missing Operating System"
I have set in the Phoenix BIOS v4.04 for the a:/ to boot first and c:/ as second(Note The CD drive is not listed in the BIOS menu)
I have also tried booting with a different floppy Drive but still the same message :mad:
am i overlooking somehting critical here? :confused: I just need to Install the CD ROM drivers to boot from the CD....
PLease Help me iam loseing sleep over this i really am!

03-08-2004, 12:16 PM
Look in the bios for Floppy Seek. It may be turned off.


03-13-2004, 03:20 AM
Hi sorry i took so long but where in the Phoenix Bios do i turn on floppy seek?:confused:

Paul Komski
03-13-2004, 04:40 AM
Have I understood this correctly. You were able to boot to your boot floppy diskette in order to fdisk and format - but having done that you can no longer boot to any boot floppy diskette?

If so, can you boot to the floppy with no hdd cable attached - and if still unable to access the floppy, can you boot to it with neither hdd nor cdrom cables attached? Also, if you can boot to the diskette, are you choosing to select the "With CD ROM Support" option.

The absent BIOS setup option to boot from a cdrom may well be normal for that model.

Though not directly related to this problem, it is possible that your specs may not support Win98 depending on the amount of RAM and which CPU.

Here (http://www.brightok.net/~bridges/startup.html) is a page showing how to add CDROM drivers to a Win95 start up diskette.

If you can get the floppy to see the HDD again, then you could copy the OS installation files to the HDD by slaving it to another pc and then, having booted to a floppy diskette, run setup from the HDD rather than using the CDROM at all.