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03-09-2004, 08:31 AM
I posted this on the Dell community and I was told its more likely to be a Windows related problem. Apologies if my descriptions dont make sense, my computer jargon is crap.
I've been getting various VxD fatal exception errors during startup and have reached a point in solving the problem I can't get past. I've used the windows98 help file which has got me so far as being able to start windows98 but either only in safe mode or with the Secondary IDE controller disabled. If I enable it with the computer started normally the error immediately occurs and windows98 hangs. All errors refer to a number (which varies) follwed by 'in VxD ---'

The problem seems to have appeared out of the blue since i hadnt installed anything or made any major changes for a few days (although i did delete 2 CDROM drives in the system profiles which I've never had about a week before it happened). It just started giving errors from startup. Usually windows doesnt start but occasionally it does but always fails before all the startup programmes have loaded.

Error messages:

On startup - Fatal exception 06 - 0028:00000017

Fatal Exception 0E 0147:00006935

Fatal Exception 0E 0028:00000002 (this is the most common one)

Non-fatal exception 0028:00000002 in VxD --- called from 0028:C02D9870

Non-fatal exception 0028:C0003ABD in VxD --- called from 0028:C02D9870

On re-enabling the driver message is usually Fatal Exception 0E 0028:00000002

The non-fatal exceptions are always followed by fatal ones or the computer just freezes.


Dimension XPS M200s, Pentium 1 MMX (It's pretty old)

CD-ROM drive replaced with a DVD/CDRW drive. (ATAPI COMBO is the name the machine gives)

Third hard drive put in (came with 2 already) from Seagate.

All this had been working fine for about 2 months
Its not connected to the net either and the IDE2 failure means i cant access my CDROM drive so the only things I can import from here (uni computer) are on floppies.
This problem is driving me crazy, any help would be greatly appreciated.

03-09-2004, 12:05 PM
Reseat all of the RAM modules a few times each.
If no luck, then the system may have some bad RAM.
Run Memtest-86 to test it.

If the RAM is ok or if replacing any bad modules does not fix things, then do a clean boot to troubleshoot the problem:

If no luck, then disconnect all drives connected to the secondary controller.
If that fixes things, then one of the drives may be bad.
If the problem happens after disconnecting all drives from the secondary controller, then the controller may be bad.

03-10-2004, 06:11 AM
Could you tell me how to reset RAM modules, I'm not up on how to do things like that with my computer. Also do oyu mean physically disconnect the drives or do i do it somewhere on device manager

03-10-2004, 07:11 AM
Might Norton AntiVirus be the culprit?

What Are Fatal Exception Errors

Error Message: A Fatal Exception 06 Has Occurred at...
This behavior can occur if an earlier version of McAfee's VirusScan (anti- virus software) or Norton AntiVirus is being loaded from the Autoexec.bat file.

Err Msg: A Fatal Exception 0E Has Occurred at 0028:XXXXXXXX
This behavior can occur if an older version of a Symantec program (such as Norton AntiVirus) is installed.

03-10-2004, 10:20 AM
To reseat the RAM modules, turn off the computer, remove the computer's case cover, touch anything metal on the case to ground yourself, turn off the power supply's power switch, disconnect the computer's power cord, lay the computer on its side(if it's an upright tower case), push down on the 2 plastic tabs on both sides of the RAM module until the module lifts from the slot, push down on the module until the tabs lock in place, and repeat for other modules if there are more than 1.

Disconnecting the drives means physically disconnecting the IDE(ribbon) cable that they're connected to from the motherboard.
The secondary IDE connection should be labeled 'IDE 2' or similar.