View Full Version : Powerpoint slowing down my system?

04-05-2004, 03:58 AM
Good day everyone,

I have a PC running Win98. Sometimes (only sometimes) the system gets slower and slower till it comes to a complete crrraaaawwwl. Not able to take it anymore, I restart the system. Then I get a window that says "powerpoint.exe is still running... blablabla" and it stops there. I have to manually click "End Now" then the PC will continue its rebooting.
My question is, why does powerpoint act that way when I have closed the program proper?
Ctrl+Alt+Del does not show any powerpoint programs running.
And this is always preceeded by a super slowdown in my system performance.

Please advise...

04-05-2004, 05:00 AM
Sounds Like disk caching
Powerpoint is using up so much of your drive space for Virtual memory
That your running out of free space

04-05-2004, 05:02 AM
Yes sir, I suspect that's what's happening.

Can you suggest anything I can do?

Or can anyone, for that matter?

04-05-2004, 11:13 AM
What programs are running in the background when you press C-A-D?
If there's a lot of them, then shut down each one except Explorer and Systray(and also make sure to shut down your AV program).
Then, restart the system, open System Monitor, enable 'Unused physical memory' and 'Swapfile in use', write down their values, open PP, recheck the values for UPM and SIU in SM, shut down PP, and recheck the SM values again.

If UPM drops to or near zero and SIU shows a value in SM when PP is open, then you may have to install more RAM. How much is installed, BTW?

If UPM is at or near zero and SIU shows a value even after PP is shut down, then the system has a memory leak.
Uninstall and reinstall PP.
If no luck, then see if there's a patch for PP to resolve a memory leak problem.

However, if UPM shows a large value and SIU is zero with PP opened, then there may be too many programs running in the background.
To prevent these programs from running at startup, go to Start/Run, type msconfig, click OK, click the Startup tab, and uncheck the boxes for all entries except ScanRegistry, System Tray, and a firewall(assuming you use one).
I know that many people feel uncomfortable if their AV program is not running all of the time. But you can be virus free if you just excercise caution when opening e-mail attachments, and using floppies and burned CD's from others, and by updating your AV program with the latest files and doing a manual virus check every few days.