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Dubber Dan
04-06-2004, 05:14 AM
Hopefully just a quick one for you. We run roaming profiles and I'm getting some users that seem to keep loosing their settings (email, etc). It seems to happen to some users more than other and keeps happening to the same users. It also seems to be the same pc's that are affected each time, but not all users of those pc's :confused:

Our Server is Win NT Terminal server and the pc's are either Win Nt/2k/xp logging on properly not through a TS session.

I've just thought that this might be caused when they move about from one pc to another and don't log out in between so having 2 sessions open at the same time. I realise this isn't a good way to run things but would this be liable to cause profile setting to be lost? Or is there some other little gem one of you folks can come up with?

04-06-2004, 06:29 AM
What if:
These users had set up more than one user profile for themselves.
Let's call one of them user A, and the profiles 1 and 2 [there might be 3,4,5 etc].
So he has profiles A1 & A2.
But A1 was never personalised. It uses only the default settings.
And A2 has been personalised. The default settings have been altered to his personal preferences etc.

When person A set up profile A1 he used a name and password.
When he set up A2 he used [perhaps] the same name, but [very slightly] different password. The point being that he is unaware that he is using a slightly different combination of name and password.
If he logs on as A1 he thinks he has lost his settings. In fact he has not, he has just logged on to the wrong profile. He aught to eliminate this profile and use the other one that has all his personalised settings.

It doesn't matter which PC is used.
The system is designed so that an individual can log on to his profile at any PC, since his profile is held on the server.

Dubber Dan
04-06-2004, 08:13 AM
Surely you can't have two profiles with the same username? Isn't that governed by User Manager where it is clear that there is only the one username profile for each user.

04-06-2004, 10:15 AM
Yes, I think you're right there.
In which case the username would need to be the thing that is slightly different.

Or alternatively:

How Do User Profiles Work?
Each time the user logs on to a computer, Windows 95 searches the Registry under the following key to determine whether the user has a local profile:
Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr ent Version\Profile List
Windows 95 also checks for the user profile in the userís home directory on the server. If the user profile on the server is the most current, Windows 95 copies it to the local computer for use during the current session, and then it loads the settings in this local copy into the Registry. If no local user profile exists, Windows 95 copies the server version to the local computer.
If no profile is found, Windows 95 creates a new user profile on the local computer using default settings. If the user doesnít log on, then Windows 95 automatically uses the default user profile. Both the local and network copies of the user profile are automatically updated with current settings when the user logs off. If the user is logged on at more than one computer at the same time, any changes made to the profile on the computer where the user first logs off will be overwritten when the user logs off the other computer. In other words, the last logoff is saved, and no merging of changes occurs.

The above quote is rich in possible causes of your problem.

A possible solution?
In Windows 95, you can create mandatory user profiles for use on Windows NT or NetWare networks. You can use this feature to create a standard user profile for each computer and make sure it is implemented at every logon. To do this, create a USER.DAT file with the settings you want, save it as USER.MAN, and place it in the network directory for each user you want to use that profile. The network directory is either the userís home directory (on a Windows NT network) or MAIL directory (on a NetWare network).

If USER.MAN is present when the user logs on, Windows 95 uses this mandatory copy to load settings into the Registry rather than any previous local user profile. If the user manually makes changes to the desktop configuration during the work session, these changes are not saved to the master copy in the userís network directory when the user logs off.

Dubber Dan
04-06-2004, 12:39 PM
None of that is much use Sylvander as it relates to Win95 and as I mentioned, I'm running Win NT/2k/XP :(

04-06-2004, 01:41 PM
But the concepts are the same, and the methods used are probably the same or very similar.
And besides, if you read it you'll notice it says:
"In Windows 95, you can create mandatory user profiles for use on Windows NT"
"The network directory is either the userís home directory (on a Windows NT network)"

I'm talking ideas and concepts here.
On a Windows NT system does it also apply that:
only "the last logoff is saved"?

Check out such possibilities.