View Full Version : DSR is low while initializing the modem.

09-04-2004, 12:20 AM
What does this mean?

DSR is low while initializing the modem.
Verify modem is turned on.

I've searched google and it would appear that this simply means...nothing?

I ask because my mother's computer has a supramax modem in it that just stopped working. She is running Windows 2000 and has the latest drivers. And it just stopped working. I'm almost out of ideas so I thought I would ask before I tell her to chunk it and get a new one.

Paul Komski
09-05-2004, 05:52 AM
Data Communication (eg a modem which relays signals/data) and Terminal Equipment (eg a device such as a computer or printer and which generate or receive signals/data) need to be able to "handshake". Once that handshake is complete a DSR (Data Set Ready) signal is sent. This can only be true or false - so the description of DSR being low doesn't seem to make proper sense other than there is a "communication problem". Two DCE's (eg 2 modems) also need to "handshake" but they can only do this after the modem and the equipment it is connected-to can communicate properly. The "usual supects" would be poor connections, wrongly configured settings, the wrong drivers or failed circuitry.

If the modem is an external one then the correct cable must also be used. If for any reason a null modem cable (used for connecting two DTEs together) had been used - then handshaking would also fail.